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Sufi Meditation

Muraqaba : Art & Science of Sufi Meditation
Muraqaba : Art & Science of Sufi Meditation
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Details:  Muraqaba : The Art and Science of Sufi Meditation, 2nd Edition,
*[A5] Hardback - 189 pages, Back in Stock - July 2017.
by Shaykh Khawaja Shams al-Din Azeemi,
Translated by Syed Shahzad Reaz,
Published by Azeemi University Press, Pakistan.


Description :

For centuries Sufis have practised muraqaba (meditation) within their inner circle. Now Sufi Master Khawaja Shamshuddin Azeemi is sharing these techniques with you.

Learn how the healing power of muraqaba can bring peace and harmony to you and your loved one's life. Learn how a 16 week programme can improve your memory, immunity and general well-being, lower your blood pressure and transform you from an ordinary to an enlightened and contended being. Learn about other mysteries of Sufism (tasawwuf) like kashaf, haatif ghaybi, istaghraaq and so on. See how the muraqaba of different colours can solve your specific health problems.

Regular practice of muraqaba is instrumental in achieving the following:

  •     ---Lower blood pressure,
  •     ---Longevity,
  •     ---Fat reduction,
  •     ---Enhanced Creativity,
  •     ---Loss of irritability,
  •     ---Improvement in the condition of the Heart,
  •     ---Improvement in Hearing,
  •     ---Improvement in Vision,
  •     ---Improvement in Immunity against diseases,
  •     ---End of Depression,
  •     ---Stress Reduction,
  •     ---Increased red blood corpuscules,
  •     ---Enhanced Memory,
  •     ---Improved Decision Making,
  •     ---End of Insomnia,
  •     ---Good sleep,
  •     ---End of fear,
  •     ---End of doubts,
  •     ---End of jealousy,
  •     ---End of negative thinking

Every human being, from the time of birth to death spends life in two states. In other words, in the human mind there are two types of conditions that prevail every moment of our life. One of these conditions or state is wakening and the other sleeping or dreaming. In the wakening state, they are trapped in Time and Space while during dreaming they are free from the confines of spatiotemporal limitations. This freedom of Time and Space is sought through muraqaba by converting the state of sleeping or dreaming into an awakened state. Because during muraqaba, a person goes through the same conditions that he or she goes through while sleeping or dreaming.

For those who are more interested in practicing sufi meditation for spiritual growth, Sufi-Master Azeemi has created a 16-week step-by-step programme of Sufi meditation and respiratory exercises with dhikr. Also included in muraqaba are Sufi stories and case reports of muraqaba students and others who have used the healing methods given in this book.


About the Author:

Born Khwaja Shamsuddin Ansari on October 17, 1927 in Saharanpur, U.P., India into a Sunni cleric household; young Shamsuddin saw first hand the superficiality of the legalistic outward religion. Growing up he had several encounters that provoked his interests in the esoteric religion. At the young age of twenty, he set out on the quest of finding a true murshid (Sufi Master). That nine-year journey took him from his native city to places like the Patiala State, India and then to Lahore and then later Sadiqabad, Pakistan. Finally in Karachi, he arrived at the doorsteps of the Syed Muhammad Azeem a.k.a. Qalandar Baba Awliya (1896-1979), founder of the Azeemiyya tariqah.

For well over four decades, Sufi-Master Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi has been helping millions of people through his unique style of Spiritual Self-Healing in which he blends parapsychology with centuries old Sufi meditation methods. It all began with his advise column in a newspaper and a weekly class on Sufi meditation at his home in the 60's. Couple of years later that small class on Sufi meditation turned into a huge gathering where people from all walks of life, age, gender and ethnic and religious background gather twice daily for muraqaba session and through more that 35 books that he has written so far, many of which have been translated into English, Russian, Arabic and Farsi.

Table of Contents :

---About the Author,
---From the Translator,

---Chapter [1]. Self and the Cosmos,
---Chapter [2]. Mental Concentration,
---Chapter [3]. Spiritual Brain,
---Chapter [4]. Waves of Thought,
---Chapter [5]. Third Eye,
---Chapter [6]. Film and Screen,
---Chapter [7]. Motions of the Spirit,
---Chapter [8]. Electrical System,
---Chapter [9]. Three Layers,
---Chapter [10]. Heart of the Cosmos,
---Chapter [11]. Concept of Unity,
---Chapter [12]. Muraqaba and Religion,
---Chapter [13]. Benefits of Muraqaba,
---Chapter [14]. Levels,
---Chapter [15]. Subtle Sensations,
---Chapter [16]. Spiritual Journey,
---Chapter [17]. Fatah (Exploration),
---Chapter [18]. Classification of Muraqaba,
---Chapter [19]. Helpful Exercises,
---Chapter [20]. 16 week Program,
---Chapter [21]. Spiritual Concept of Healing,
---Chapter [22]. Muraqaba of Coloured Lights,
---Chapter [23]. Station of Ihsaan,
---Chapter [24]. The Hidden World,
---Chapter [25]. Muraqaba of Life After Death,
---Chapter [26]. Kashaf al Qaboor,
---Chapter [27]. Dress of Soul,
---Chapter [28]. Haatif Ghaybi,
---Chapter [29]. Tassawar e Shaykh,
---Chapter [30]. Tassawar e Rasullullah, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Chapter [31]. Divine Essence.

---Suggested Reading,

2nd Edition : Fully bound Hardback - Vastly improved paper and print quality by usual sub-continental standards.

*Dimensions : 23.8 x 15.5cm.


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