Life & Teachings: Imam Ahmad Riza Khan

Life and Teachings  -
Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Brailwi
[A5] Hardback - 189 pages,
English Transl. & Interpretation
y Muhammad Riaz Qadri.


Extracted from the Foreword

In each century of socio-political and religious turmoil, certain pious spiritual figures have always emerged on the scene and guided the Muslim ummah. The present book is on the life of such a luminous spiritual personality, whose advent in the last century illustrates the role of the Sufis' who accepted the challenge of the evil forces and brought about renaissance and revived the glory of religion.

It was Imam Ahmad Riza Khan Barelwi, May Allah be pleased with him, who was at the forefront, pitted against the elements hostile to Islam, the political pundits of that era, and those who were insolent to Allah's Beloved, Sayyadina Rasul-Allah, May Allah be pleased with him. He went into combat with them, and boldly overcame all such elements. In recognition, he earned the title of Mujaddid from the Muslim Ummah living in Arabia as well as the non-Arab worlds.--- Sayyad Ameer Ali Shah al-Qadiri.  


---1].  Foreword,
---2].  Introduction,
---3].  Ancestors and Birth,
---4].  Formal Education,
---5].  Extraordinary Brilliance,
---6].  Teaching Programme,
---7].  Initiation,
           (i).  Shah A'al-e-Rasul,
           (ii). Shah Abul Husayn Ahmad Nuri,
---8].  Hajj and Award of Mujaddidiyyat,
---9].  The acclaimation of Mujaddid and Mujaddidiyyat, 
---10]. Mujaddidiyyat of Shaykh Ahmad al-Sirhindi,
---11]. Mujaddidiyyat of AlaHadrat al-Barelwi,
---12]. Visits to Haramayn Sharifain,
---13]. Writing Fatawa,
---14]. As Dialectician,
---15]. Astonishing Memory,
---16]. Speeches and Exhortation,
---17]. Literary Contributions,
---18]. As a Poet,
---19]. Adherence to Sunnah and Shariah,
---20]. Genoristy and Bountifulness,
---21]. General traits and habits,
---22]. Veneration of the Sadaat-e-Kiram (Total Respect Sayyads),
---23]. Daily Routine,
---24]. Marriage and domestic Life,
---25]. In the eys of his opponents,
---26]. Miracles,
---27]. AlaHadrat passes away,
---28]. Khulafa U'zam,
---29]. Primordiality of Nur Muhammad,
---30]. Mystical Discourses,
---31]. Specimen of Qasa'id,
---32]. Spiritual Geneology,
---33]. Markazi Majlis-e-Riza,
---34]. Sources.




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  • Written by: Imam Ahmad Rida Khan

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