The Book of Intentions : 2nd Edition

The Book of Intentions,
"Kitab al-Niyyat"
*[A5] Paperback - 191 pages, Revised Edition.
by Habib Muhammad Sa'd bin 'Alawi al-Aydarus [d.1432h],
Translated by Mohammad Ahmad Mbaye,
Published by Guidance Media.

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Description :

The Book of Intentions 'Kitab al-Niyyat' by Habib Muhammad Sa'd bin 'Alawi al Aydarus presents an array of intentions drawn from the Prophetic Sunnah and the practice of the Salaf (the pious predecessors). It illustrates, in a concise and practical manner, the meaning of the Hadith of his grandfather, "Verily actions are only according to intentions and every man shall have according to what he intended. Whosoever makes hijra (migrates) for Allah and His Envoy, then his hijra is to Allah and His Envoy, and whosoever makes hijra to achieve some wordly benefit or to take a woman in marriage, then his hijra is to that for which he made hijra."


  "This text holds the keys to an alchemy that will transform the mundane to
    the celestial, the formulaic to the inspired, and God willing, allow our every
    intention to mirror that of the Prophet, ?.

The Salaf used to say, "Whosoever opens the door of a virtuous intention, Allah will open seventy doors of the doors of tawfiq (success) for him." This saying encapsulates the tacit prayer of this book: that one's intention may become a vehicle to tawfiq and a gateway to many more virtuous intentions.

   "Whilst many of us may be aware of the fundamental importance of intentions,
    few may be privy to how these intentions may be elevated and multiplied so as
    to exalt their corresponding action, or how to consecrate the seemingly spiritual
   -indifferent action with a virtuous intention."

Few works gift such an insight into the multitude of opportunities to realise and harness the latent blessings within the intention.


Habib Muhammad Sa'd bin 'Alawi al Aydarus, may Allah have mercy upon him, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was born in Tarim in 1351 AH/1932 CE. He has studied under many learned Imams and Shuyukh. He has composed over forty books, and led and participated in many lessons and gatherings of dhikr. He continued to reside and teach in Tarim, as a beacon of knowledge and a pillar of the community until he passed away in 2011. 




Table of Contents :
---Transliteration Key,
---Salat and Salam upon the Prophet,
---Author's Biography,
------His Lineage,
---Foreword by Habib Abu Bakr al-Adani bin 'Ali al-Mashhur,
---Foreword by Muhammad bin Ali Ba 'Atiya,
---Foreword by Abdullah bin Ali al-Aydarus,
---Foreword by Ahmad bin 'Umar al-Kaff,
The Book of Intentions :
---[1]. Righteous Intentions,
---[2]. Sayings of the 'Ulama (Scholars) Concerning the Intention,
---[3]. The Intentions for Going to the Mosque,
---[4]. The Intentions for Sitting in Mosques and Remaining in Them,
---[5]. The Intentions for Visiting Brothers,
---[6]. The Intentions for Invoking Salat and Salam upon the Prophet,
---[7]. The Intentions for [Reciting] a Hizb of Qur'an and Studying it in the Mosque,
---[8]. The Intentions for Rising at Night [for Worship],
---[9]. The Intentions for Da'wa ila Allah [Inviting to Allah],
---[10]. The Intentions for Marriage,
---[11]. The Intentions Seeking 'Ilm [Knowledge] and Teaching,
---[12]. The Intentions for Khalwa [Spiritual Seclusion],
---[13]. The Intentions for Hunger for the Sake of Allah,
---[14]. The Intentions for Reading, Acquiring & Recording 'Ilm [Knowledge],
---[15]. The Intentions for the Listener, Learner or Visitor who Frequents the Places and Habitations of Virtuous People and Circles of 'Ilm and Dhikr,
---[16]. The Intentions for Acquiring Wealth, Property and All that Muslims can draw Benefit From,
---[17]. The Intentions for Visiting the Shuyukh,
---[18]. The Intentions for Attending a Gathering of Khayr,
---[19]. The Intentions for Attending a Mawlid,
---[20]. The Intentions for Visiting Graves,
---[21]. The Intentions for Travelling in a Vehicle,
---[22]. The Intentions for Maintaining the Mosque,
---[23]. The Intentions for Remaining at Home,
---[24]. The Intentions for Shaking Hands,
---[25]. The Intentions for Visiting Relatives,
---[26]. The Intentions for Entering a Library,
---[27]. The Intentions for Sadaqa [Charity],
---[28]. The Intentions for Buying a Book,
---[29]. The Intentions for Having a Subha [Prayer Beads],
---[30]. The Intentions for Wearing a 'Rida,
---[31]. The Intentions for Keeping Time,
---[32]. The Intentions for Going on Trips and Outings,
---[33]. The Intentions for Performing the Adhan [The Call to Prayer],
---[34]. The Intentions for Drinking,
---[35]. The Intentions for Siwak,
---[36]. The Intentions for Raising your Voice if Ostentation is not Feared,
---[37]. The Intentions for Praying in the Rear Lines,
---[38]. The Intentions for Going Swimming,
---[39]. The Intentions for Attending Lessons,
---[40]. The Intentions for Giving Nasiha [Advice] to Brethren,
---[41]. The Intentions for Documenting Issues [of Sacred Knowledge],
---[42]. The Intentions for Wudu [Ablution],
---[43]. The Intentions for Wearing a New Gament,
---[44]. The Intentions for Entering a Market Place,
---[45]. The Intentions for Entering the Lavatory,
---[46]. The Intentions for Eating,
---[47]. The Intentions for Drinking Tea and Coffee,
---[48]. The Intentions for Trading,
---[49]. The Intentions for Fulfilling the Needs of People and Assisting Them,
---[50]. The Intentions for Buying Animals,
---[51]. The Intentions for Buying a Vehicle,
---[52]. The Intentions for Visiting the Sick,
---[53]. The Intentions for Attending a Hawl or other similar Visits,
---[54]. The Intentions for Going to a Clinic or Hospital,
---[55]. The Intentions for Leaving the House,
---[56]. The Intentions for Travelling,
---[57]. The Intentions for Visiting Prophet Hud, alayhi salam.
---Translator's Epilogue.
---Appendix One,
------Excerpt from Habib Ahmad Zayn al-Habshi's Commentary on 'Al-Ayniyyah.'
---Appendix Two,
-----Beneficial Du'as and Salats upon the Prophet, ?,
------The First Salat of Habib 'Ali bin Muhammad al-Habshi,
------The Second Salat of Habib 'Ali bin Muhammad al-Habshi,
------'Lord, O Thou with Exalted Attributes,'
------Du'as for Commencing the Salah [recited before the opening takbir],
---Appendix Three,
-----Biographies of Persons cited in the Text;
-------'Abd al-Rahman bin Mahdi,
-------Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili,
-------Abu Talib al-Makki,
-------Abu Yahya Malik bin Dinar,
-------Ahmad bin 'Ajiba,
-------Ahmad bin 'Alwan,
-------Ahmad bin Zayn al-Habshi,
-------Ahmad Mash-hur bin Taha al-Haddad,
-------'Ali bin Abi Bakr 'Abd al-Rahman al-Saqqaf,
-------Ali bin Muhammad bin Husayn al-Habshi,
-------Al-Fudayl ibn 'Iyad al-Tamimi,
-------Hatim al-Assam,
-------Sufyan al-Thawry,
-------Sahl bin 'Abdullah al-Tustari,
-------'Umar bin Ahmad bin Abu Bakr bin Sumayt,
-------Yahya ibn Abi Kathir.
---Translator's Notes,
------Additional Footnotes.
" Many small actions are made great by their intentions ;
and many great actions are made small for want of intentions
. "
---Saying of the Salaf.
---Also see Imam al-Ghazali's works,
---Also see Awrad and Prayers.


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  • Written by: Habib M. Sa'd al-Aydarus

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