The Book of Aphorisms

The Book of Aphorisms  ...
Being a translation of Kitab al-Hikam,
*[A5] Paperback - 165 pages,
by Ibn Ata'illah al-Iskandari,
Translated by: Muhammed Nafih Wafy,
Published by Islamic Book Trust.

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Description :

This book, one of the more widely distributed works of Ibn 'Ata'illah, may Allah be pleased with him, serves as an ethical guide to those seeking God. It is a collection of short spiritual sayings each containing profound meaning driven from the Qur'an and Sunnah, and deals with issues related to tawhid, ethics and day-to-day conduct.

                              ''Nothing has misled you as your delusions''

Kitab al-Hikam is a slender mystic classic which enjoys a universal reputation as the jewel in the crown of Sufi literature. The book is a collection of 261 Sufi aphorisms (some counted it 264) containing precise contemplative reflections on man's relations with his Creator. It is designed as a manual of spiritual development aimed at guiding and instructing spiritual aspirants and pursuers. Purely based on the teachings of the Noble Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, the book provides training to fulfil the objectives of sublime servanthood in human life through developing a deep relation with the Almighty God. It explains the way to live Islam both outwardly and inwardly and guides people toward the perfection of good character and spiritual realisation. Most of the aphorisms are written in a conversational format addressing a second person, obviously the spiritual aspirant.

                             ''None of your sin will be trivial in front of His justice
                              whereas none of your sin will be severe in front of
                              His grace

The Hikam was evidently dictated by the Shaykh to one of his disciples who was none other than Taqi al-Din al-Subki, may Allah be pleased with him, who later handed it over to the Shadhilli master Ahmad Zarruq, May Allah be pleased with him.

As a unique and beautiful work written in a meditative language and inimitable style, Hikam attracted universal Muslim approval from his own time up to the present day. A combination of profound spiritual teachings, real charm of language, forcefulness of expression and intensity of conviction makes Hikam certainly the most appealing of Ibn 'Ata' illah's books to later generations of Muslims.

Table of Contents :


Chapter [1],
---Trust in God,
---Indifference to material riches,
---Allah knows what is best for servant,
---Inspirtation shows the way,
---No shortcut to success,
---Seclusion and meditation,
---Cleansing the heart of blemishes,
---Omnipresence of Divine Light.

Chapter [2],
---How to deal with time,
---Inner voice,
---Four types of requests,
---Divine Patronage,
---Beginning informs on end,
---Manifestation of Light,
---Start interference from Him,
---Journey to Allah.

Chapter [3],
---Self evaluation,
---Nothing can veil Him,
---Weeding out,
---Self-satisfaction and self-dissatisfaction,
---Three phases of development.

Chapter [4],
---Focus on Him.

Chapter [5],
---It is the mind that counts,
---Chanting His name.

Chapter [6],
---Death of the heart,
---Do not despair of Him,
---Divine Inspiration,
---Divine Light,

Chapter [7],
---Ambitions and delusions,
---Drawn to Him through misfortunes,
---Be in good terms with Him,
---Service and Love.

Chapter [8],
---Inspiration is not an achievement,
---The wise knows his limit,
---Eternal reward,
---Situation indicates position,
---Inward and outward blessings.

Chapter [9],
---The real pleading,
---The real repentance,
---The real signifier,
---The real hope,
---The real aspiration,
---The real expansion,
---The real gift,
---The real universe,
---The real glory,
---The real journey,
---The real deprivation.

Chapter [10],
---Deprivation as a blessing.

Chapter [11],
---Everything from Him,
---Beware of passions,
---Yourself to blame,
---Obedience is the great gift,

Chapter [12],
---From creatures to Creator,
---Compulsory Prayers,
---No right to ask for reward.

Chapter [13],
---Human attributes versus divine attributes.

Chapter [14],
---The veneer,
---Towards the certitude.

Chapter [15],
---Ward off people's accolades.

Chapter [16],
---Be optimistic about him,
---Contraction and expansion,
---Dawn of Light.

Chapter [17],
---Secret of Saints,
---Share in obedience and disobedience,
---Explicit and implicit ostentations,
---Too close to see.

Chapter [18],
---Human pleading versus divine blessings.

Chapter [19],
---Ashamed of asking,
---Importance of being needy.

Chapter [20],
---Miracle is not a benchmark,
---Fruitful stability,
---Boasting is meaningless,
---Power of Divine Light,
---Obscured appearance,
---Different streams of inner realities,
---Beware of smugness,
---Give Him His due.

Chapter [21],
---Opt for more difficult choice,
---Supererogatory and obligatory deeds,
---Blessings via trials,
---Be careful of glitz and sweets.
---Get rid of hypocrisy.

Chapter [22],
---Two types of Divine lights.
---Making way for the light,
---Obligations to time,
---Be a slave only to Him,
---No benefit to Allah from obedience.

Chapter [23],
---Reach Him through contemplation and knowledge,
---Gradual acclimatisation,
---Inspiration is powerful,
---He is apparent in every thing,
---Leave Him with the reward,
---Seek Him and only Him.

Chapter [24],
---Divine presence is the paramount,
---The more happy the more tragic,
---A blessing in disguise,
---Most useful knowledge,
---Turn only to Him for solace.

Chapter [25],
---Adoration of Allah,
---Journey of the soul,
---Synthesis of physical and spiritual dimension,
---Two types of journeys,
---Visible and invisible worlds,
---Seeking reward,
---Divine light and invocation,
---Three phases of invocation,
---Long life,

Appendix [I],
---First Letter.

Appendix [II],
---Second Letter.

Appendix [III],
---Third Letter.

Appendix [IV],
---Fourth Letter.

Appendix [V],
---Intimate Discourses.






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