Grand Masters of Sufism

 Grand Masters of Sufism : [2 Texts within 1 Book],
Secrets of Secrets by Shaykh Abdul Qadir Geylani &
Guidance to Mysticism by Shaykh Ahmad ar-Rifai,
[A5] Paperback - 206 pages,
Translated by: as-Sayyid as-Shaykh Taner al-Ansari.
by Rifa'i Ansari Publications, USA.

Description :

Grand Masters of Sufism brings together in one volume two paramount texts from two of the most influential shaykhs in the history of Sufism. Abdul Qadir Geylani's Secret of Secrets and Ahmed er Rifai's Guidance to Mysticism present key concepts of the Sufi path in profound detail and can each stand alone as a work of unparalleled authority. Together, they comprise a veritable textbook for students of Sufism and all who would seek a deeper understanding of the mysteries of spiritual life.

In this first English translation of 'Guidance to Mysticism' - Shaykh Taner Ansari provides rich commentary that preserves the original text, while at the same time making it relevant to modern sensibilities.

As Pir (shaykh) of the Qadiri Rifa'i Sufi Tariqa, Shaykh Taner draws on the lineage of his venerable and beloved masters for a unique and authentic translation of these texts. The result of his endeavour is Grand Masters of Sufism, a book wrought in reverence and love.

Complete Book Contents

---Hadrat Abdul Qadir Geylani Biography,
---Hadrat Ahmad ar-Rifai'i Biography,
---Shaykh Taner Ansari's Biography,
---Translators Preface,
---Editors Notes.

Secrets of Secrets :

---Returning to the Motherland,
---The descent of the Human Being to the lowest of the Low,
---The Place's of the
Ruh in the Body,
Tawba and Talqin,
---The Path of Tasawwuf,
---Zikr is Related,
---The Conditions of 
---Seeing Allah Almighty; Seeing the Divine Manifestation & the Attainment of it,
---The Veils of
Nur and Zulmat,
---Sa'ada and Shaqawa,
Fuqara Class,
---The meaning of Salaat in Shariah and Tariqat,
---Tajrid ; The Realm of Detachment & Isolation & the Purification of Marifah,
---Fasting in
Shari'ah and Tariqah,
---Hajj ; Pilgrimage in Shari'ah and Tariqah,
---Wajd and Safa ; Ecstacy and Spiritual Enjoyment,
al Khalwa and al-Uzla ; Seclusion and Isolation,
Awrad Khalwati ; The Litanies of the Path of Khalwa,
---About the People of
---Final Words.

[Translated into English by: as-Sayyid as-Shaykh Taner al-Ansari]

Guidance to Mysticism :

---The Honour of Aql,
---Good Akhlaq and Tawazu,
---The Protection and Goodness of the Tongue,
---Appreciation of Favour,
---The Path of
---Shari'ah and Nasiha ; Comply with Adab,
---Amri bi 'l-Mar'uf wa Nahyi Ani 'l-Munkar; Enjoining the Good & Forbidding the Wrong
Mujahada ; Striving against your Nafs,
---Being Cautious of
---Khawf and Rija,
---Ilm-e-Wahbi ; Knowledge Given by Allah Almighty,
---The People of 
Zahir and Batin,
---Respect and Love for Anbiya, Awliya and Ashab,
---Divine Truths, Realities and Facts,
---Epilogue ; Advice given by Hadrat Shaykh Ahmad ar-Rifai'i.

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[Translated into English by: as-Sayyid as-Shaykh Taner al-Ansari]

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