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Khulasatul Fatawa, 2 Vols, Arabic
Khulasatul Fatawa, 2 Vols, Arabic
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Sweet Words
Sweet Words
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Lore of Light : New
Lore of Light : New
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Islami Baheno : Urdu

Khawateen ki Mehfil e Milad : 2 Vols
Khawateen ki Mehfil e Milad : 2 Vols
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Details:  Khawateen ki Mehfil e Milad : 2 Vols, Urdu, New,
*[A5] Hardback - 1200 pages, 2 Volume Set,
by Mohtarma Sajida Batool,
by Chishti Kutub Khana, Faislabad.

Description :

Khawateen ki Mehfil e Milad, is probably the most comprehensive set of books available in any language for Sisters Mawlid an-Nabi, ﷺ, gatherings.

This two volume presentation in the Urdu language is compiled by notable speaker and author Mohtarma Sajida Batool, of Pakistan. Packed with Bayans, Sirah, Shama'il, Naseehat, Tarikh, Naatiya Kalam, Aqeeda, Fard e Ayn, etc.

Decent print in 2 volumes, printed in Pakistan. Click on images below for sample pages. Usual bumps, rips and creases as with most subcontinent printed books.

Volume One Contents :

---Chapter [1]. Fada'il Bismillah,
---Chapter [2]. Fadeelat Kalima Tayyibah,
---Chapter [3]. Mawlid al-Nabi, ﷺ,
---Chapter [4]. Rahmat e Alam,
---Chapter [5]. Mahafil e Milad,
---Chapter [6]. Mazarat e Rasool, ﷺ,
---Chapter [7]. Miraj e Mustafa, ﷺ,
---Chapter [8]. Fada'il Madina Tayyiba,
---Chapter [9]. Sayyida Fatima,
---Chapter [10]. Shaan e Ahl al-Bayt,
---Chapter [11]. Ashiqan e Mustafa, ﷺ,
---Chapter [12]. Shaan e Ghawth e Azam,
---Chapter [13]. Nek Bibiyon ki Halat,
---Chapter [14]. Fadilat e Namaz,
---Chapter [15]. Aqeeda Ahl al-Sunnat,
---Chapter [16]. Sohar ki Huquq.

Volume Two Contents :

---Hamd Bari Ta'ala,
---Chapter [1]. Mehfil Milad e Mustafa, ﷺ,
---Chapter [2]. Muhabbat e Rasul, ﷺ,
---Chapter [3]. Khasa'is e Mustafa, ﷺ,
---Chapter [4]. Ism 'Muhammad' ki Barkat,
---Chapter [5]. Sayyida Amina,
---Chapter [6]. Hadrat Sayyida Amina,
---Chapter [7]. Hadrat Halima Sadiya,
---Chapter [8]. Huzur, ﷺ, ke Bachpan Halima Sadiya ke Ghar,
---Chapter [9]. Khawateen e Islam,
---Chapter [10]. Sahulat,
---Chapter [11]. Na-Farman Aurtain,
---Chapter [12]. Shaan e Awliya i Kiram,
---Chapter [13]. Allah ta'ala ke Wali marte naheen.

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Two Volumes ; Total 1200 pages.
*Single Volume Dimensions : 22 x 14.7cm.

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