Gulshan e Tawhid wa Risalat, 2 Vols

 Gulshan e Tawhid wa Risalat : Urdu, New,
*[A5] Hardback - 2 Volume Set,
by Allama Mufti Ashraf Sialvi [d.1434h],
Published by Bazme Ashraf al-Ulama, Pakistan.

Description :

Gulshan al-Tawheed al-Risalat ( Urdu) :  Is a detailed work refuting the deviant sects who label the Ahl al-Sunnah w'al Jama'ah as mushriks (polytheists). It is also a complete annihilation of the deobandi scholar Molvi Sarfraz Khan Safdar and his baseless ramblings.

To date there has been no counter response or challenge by any individual or group against this work. Presented here in two volumes, this work will appeal to those researching the aqida (doctrine) of the Ahl al-Sunnah w'al-Jama'ah. Click on image below for sample page. Contains extensive evidence from Qur'an, Hadith and other primary and secondary sources.

About the Author:

He is 'Ashraf al-Ulama' Shaykh al-Hadith wa Tafsir, Ustad al-Ulama, Manazir al-Islam, Hadrat Allama Mufti Muhammad Ashraf Sialwi, (Syalvi, Sialvi) rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. He was born in Silanwali District Sargodha, Punjab, in Pakistan.

Ashraf al-Ulama dedicated his whole life towards the deen of Islam.
This can be seen from his pious upbringing, early education, travels, studies, contemporaries, teachers, his works and translations, his students, etc.

Amongst his Teachers :

---Shaykh al-Islam Khawja Qamar al-Din Syalwi,
---Muhaddith e Azam Pakistan Allama Sardar Ahmad Qadiri,
---Malik al-Mudariseen Ata Muhamamd Chishti Bandyalwi,
---Mawlana Sufi Hamid Ali Sahib, Syal Shareef,
---Allama Abd al-Ghafoor Hazarwi.

Amongst his Students :

---Allama Abd al-Hakim Sharf al-Qadiri,
---Allama Qazi Abd al-Razzaq Bathrawli,
---Allama Saeed Asad sahib,
---Sayyid Jamaluddin Kazmi Shah,
---Mawlana Shah Muhammad Chishti Qusuri,
---Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadiri,
---Pir Sayyid Shabbir Ali Shah (Chura Shareef),
---Hadrat Mawlana Bashir Ahmad Syalwi.

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*Single Volume Dimensions : 22.2 x 14.5cm.

Sub-continent print quality. Usual bumps, bruises and rips, etc.

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  • Written by: Mufti Ashraf Syalvi

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