Fatawa Amjadiyya: Urdu, 2 Vol's

Fatawa Amjadiyya - 2 Large Volumes, Urdu,
*[A4] Hardback - 2 Books Set,
by Mufti Amjad 'Ali A'zami [d.1367h],
Compiled by Qari Raza e Mustafa 'A'zami,
Published by Maktaba Ridawiyya,
Azam Bagh, Karachi, Paksitan.


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Description :

Fatawa Amajadiyya : The renowned fatawa, religious edicts of 'Sadr al-Shariah' - Hadrat Allama wa Mawlana Mufti Muhammad Hakim Abu al-Ula Amjad 'Ali al-A'zmi, rahmatullahi 'alayhi. This edition from Karachi, still contains all four parts, however within two much larger volumes.

The Author:

Sadr-e-Shariat (“Chief of the Islamic Law”), Badr-e-Tariqat (Shining Moon of the Spiritual Mythology or Tariqah), Hadrat ‘Allama Mawlana Shah Amjad 'Ali 'Aazmi the son of Hakim Jamal al-din, son of Mawlana Khuda Bakhsh, son of Moulana Khairuddin (1299 AH – 1878-9) was born in the district of Ghosi in India, Mohalla “Karimuddin”, district Azamgarh. He took oath of allegiance (Baiy’at) on the hands of the great eminent scholar, faqih, Imam, Muhaddith, Mufakkir, Musannif, Mudabbir, al-Sheikh Mufti Hafiz-o-Qari Imam Ahmed Rida Khan al-Bareilly, may Allah be pleased with him, and was soon honoured with the bestowment of Khilafat (headship of the various mystical paths, e.g Silsila al-Qadriya, Chistiya, Suhrwardiya, Naqshbandiya, Barkatiya, and so on).

He derived affectionate blessings and guidance from his Chief Mentor (shaykh), and quickly rose to the heights and ranks of perfection. He had a great inclination towards Tafseer, Hadith and Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence). He had the detailed, but complex Islamic rulings of many different topics, of the Fiqh on the top of his tongue.

In recognition of his multi dimensional acquisition of the various branches and sciences of knowledge, Imam Ahmed Rida, the Great Reviver of Islam, has conferred the title “Sadr al-Shari’ah” to him during his stay at Dadun (District of Aligarh). He had the proficiency and skill of explaining very complex, and difficult passages in a simple and easy to understand language.  Bahar-e-Shari'at is that universally acclaimed book of Hadrat Sadr al-Shari’ah, which can be justifiably called the Encyclopedia of the Hanafi Islamic Jurisprudence.

After Bahar-e-Shariah, this is Mufti Amjad Ali's second masterpiece. Fatawa Amjadiyya, is a unique 4 volumed book, comprising of the various fatawa enquired in his service, as regards to many Islamic topics. After Bahar-e-Shariah, this is Mufti Amjad Ali's second masterpiece. One must note that these were only a few of the many questions that were asked to him, and most have not been recorded till date. Nonetheless, it is still quite a unique book of academic research.

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Single Volume Dimensions :  25 x 19cm.

*Sub-Continent print quality, the usual bumps, page folds, creases, and rips, etc.




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  • Written by: Allama Amjad Ali Azmi

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