Tazkirat Akabir Ahl Sunnat : Urdu

Tazkira Akabair Ahl al-Sunnah : Urdu, New,
*[A5] Hardback - 574 pages,
by Allama 'Abd al-Hakeem Sharf al-Qadiri [d.1428h],
by Maktabah Qadriyyah, Lahore, Pakistan.


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Description :
Tazkirah 'Akabir Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah  is a collection of biographies of some of the renowned scholars of the Ahl al-Sunnah w'al-Jama'at

In this work, the acclaimed scholar and prolific author Shaykh al-Hadith; Allama Abd al-Hakim Sharaf al-Qadiri, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, discusses their teachings and achievements in detail. He goes onto explain their services to the Ahl al-Sunnah and the expansion of peace and harmony because of these illuminous personalities. 
Allama Abd 'al-Hakim Sharaf Qadiri, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, was born in the town of Mirzapur in the home of Mawlana Allah Ditta on 24th Sha’ban 1363h (13th August 1944). His family migrated to Lahore whilst he was a child and he started his primary education there. He thereafter studied under the leading Ulama of his era among them were Muhaddith-e-Azam Pakistan Mawlana Sardar Ahmad Qadiri, the spiritual mentor of his mother, `Allamah Gulam Rasool Rizwi commentator of Sahih Bukhari, Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Sayyid Abul Barakat Ahmad Qadiri son of Sayyid Deedar `Ali Shah Alwari, Mufti `Abdul Qayyum Hazarawi ex-President of Jamia Nizamiya, and `Allama `Ata Muhammad Bandyalawi, senior teacher at Jamia Mazhariya Bandyal.

Sayyid Abul Barakat Ahmad became the Spiritual Mentor (Murshid) of Allama Sharaf and many other Shuyukh also gave him khilafat in various Sufi pathways. Allama Sharf Qadiri was a renowned scholar, a muhaddith and a prolific author. He passed away on the 19th of Shaban 1428 Hijri in the city of Lahore.
Note about this Print:
Sub-continent (Pakistan) print quality. Off-mint condition. Bumps and bruises, with page creases and folds, print offset 'off' the leading edge.

Published by Maktaba Qadiriyyah, Lahore. Taruf; Allama Ghulam Rasul Sai'di, rahimahullah. Taqdeem: Professor Doctor Masood Ahmad, rahimahullah.
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  • Written by: Allama Abd al-Hakim Sharf Qadiri

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