Nafahat al-Uns : Urdu

Hayate Sufiya : Urdu, New,
[A4] Hardback - 740 pages,
Nafahat al-Uns min Hadrat al-Quds;
by Mawlana Abd ar-Rahman Jami [d.898h],
Mutarjam by Muhammad Idrees al-Ansari,
Published in Pakistan.


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Description :
Hayat al-Soofiya is the urdu translation of the classical persian text Nafahat al-Uns min Hadarat al-Quds [Breaths of Divine Intimacy from the Presences of Holiness] which was authored by none other than the renowned sufi scholar Mawlana Abd ar-Rahman al-Jami, alayhi ar Rahman w'al-Ridwan.

Mawlana Jami's, rahimahullah, Nafahat al-Uns is the hugely renowned work on the lives of the Awliyah wa Sufiyan e Kiraam (Friends of God]. This voluminous work comprises of over 400 short biographies of the sufi's, scholars and poets as compiled by one of the greatest personalities of his time, Mawlana Jami. It is good to read and reflect upon who Mawlana Jami, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, considers a sufi compared to more modern day biographies of the Awliya Allah!.

About the Author :
He is Shaykh al-Imam wa Mawlana Nur al-Din Abd 'ar-Rahman Jami, alayhir al Rahman. He was from the decent from the well-known jurisprudent of the second century, Ibn al-Hasan al-Shaibani [d.804h]. He was a famous Naqshbandi Sufi, a revered poet.  He was born in a village near 'Jam', (vicinity of Mashhad) but a few years after his birth, his family migrated to the cultural city of Herat in present day Afghanistan where he was able to study Peripateticism, mathematics, Arabic literature, natural sciences and Islamic knowledge at the Nizamiyyah University of Herat. He went to Samarqand city, the most important center for scientific studies in the Islamic World and completed his studies there. Shaykh Jami wrote approximately 87 books and epistles.
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