Darhi ke Sharhi Miqdar : Urdu

Darhi ke Sharhi Miqdar : UrduNew,
[A5] Hardback - 312 pages,
by Mufti Muhammad Muti ar-Rahman Ridawi,
Published by Jamia Faizur Rahman, Junagadh.


'Darhi ke Sharayi Miqdar.' Manazir al-Islam Mufti Muti ur Rahman's detailed work on the different aspects of the Beard, and the legal rulings pertaining to its length, to it's cutting, and what the fuqaha (jurists) and the scholars of Islam have said about the beard, historically and in more recent times. 

Some of the topics covered ...

---Darhi ki Sharayi Haisiyyat,
---Darhi ki asl Miqdar,
---Darhi ka Sharayi Hukm, etc.

About the Author

Born in Bihar, Uttar al-Pradesh, India. He is Manazir al-Islam, Faqih al-Islam, Mufti Muhammad Muti ur-Rahman Mazhar Ridawi. He studied under his father, and sought out many learned teachers who would teach him the advanced Darsi books. He went to/studied and also taught at Darul Ulum Mazhar al-Islam, and Jamia Naeemiyya, Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh. He also spent many days and weeks with Mufti Azam e Hind, Shaykh Mustafa Rida Khan, rahmatullahi ta'ala alayhi, seeking advice on the subject of Istifta/Fatawa. He was a notable speaker, debater (manazir al-Islam) and the author of a number books. 





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