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Children's Problems
Children's Problems
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Aa'ina e Qiyamat : Urdu
Aa'ina e Qiyamat : Urdu
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Little Batul's Eid Celebration
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Arabic Learning

Arabic : Learn the Easy Way
Arabic : Learn the Easy Way
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Details: Arabic Learn the Easy Way, New,
'A Quick Step by Step Approach'
*[A5] Paperback - 335 pages,
by Amir Jamal
'Goodword Arabic Learning Series.'

Description :

Do you want to learn Arabic without much too much trouble? Then, "Arabic : Learn the Easy Way" is the right book for you. It is a unique, easy-to-follow guide; especially developed for beginners.

The author has adopted the straightforward approach of teaching through examples which you can relate to. The grammatical rules are given in the simplest forms in order to make them easily understandable. Each chapter is followed by sample exercises to consolidate all that you have just learnt and to strengthen your comprehensive of modern written and spoken Arabic. 'Arabic: Learn the Easy Way' will help you master Arabic in the simplest possible way. Scroll down below for image of a sample page.


   *** 1. Learn Arabic in quick and easy steps
   *** 2.  Practice with hundreds of sample exercises
   *** 3.  Gain confidence in Arabic, even if you are a beginner.

The Author : Amir Jamal is an Assistant Professor in Zakir Hussain Delhi College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India.

Table of Contents :


---Lesson [1]. The Letters of the Alphabet,
---Lesson [2]. Names, Sounds, & Different Shapes of the Letters,
---Lesson [3]. Vowels,
---Lesson [4]. How are the short Vowels placed ?
---Lesson [5]. Places of Origination of the Arabic Letters,
---Lesson [6]. Orthographic Signs,
---Lesson [7]. Use of Long Vowels,
---Lesson [8]. Use of Diphthongs,
---Lesson [9]. The Nunnation,
---Lesson [10]. How is the Nunnation put?
---Lesson [11]. The Sun Letters,
---Lesson [12]. The Moon Letters,
---Lesson [13]. The Complete Sentence,
---Lesson [14]. Parts of the Sentence,
---Lesson [15]. The Subject and the Predicate,
---Lesson [16]. The Nominal Sentence,
---Lesson [17]. The Verbal Sentence,
---Lesson [18]. The Past Tense Verb,
---Lesson [19]. Conjugation of the Past Tense Verb,
---Lesson [20]. The Present / Future Tense Verb,
---Lesson [21]. Conjugation of the Present / Future Tense Verb,
---Lesson [22]. The Imperative Verb,
---Lesson [23]. Conjugation of the Imperative Verb,
---Lesson [24]. The Prohibitive Verb,
---Lesson [25]. Conjugation of the Prohibitive Verb,
---Lesson [26]. The Doer (the Subject),
---Lesson [27]. The Object,
---Lesson [28]. Comparison between the Doer (Subject) and the Object,
---Lesson [29]. Subjunctive Mood of the Imperfect Tense Verb,
---Lesson [30]. Jussive Mood of the Imperfect Tense Verb,
---Lesson [31]. Indicative Mood of the Imperfect Tense Verb,
---Lesson [32]. 'Kana' and its Sisters,
---Lesson [33]. 'Inna' and its Sisters,
---Lesson [34]. Prepositions,
---Lesson [35]. Masculine and Feminine,
---Lesson [36]. The Quality and the Noun Qualified,
---Lesson [37]. The Annexation,
---Lesson [38]. The Demonstrative Pronouns,
---Lesson [39]. The Detached Nominative Pronouns,
---Lesson [40]. The Attached Pronouns,
---Lesson [41]. The Relative Pronouns,
---Lesson [42]. Definite and Indefinite,
---Lesson [43]. Singular and Dual,
---Lesson [44]. Plural,
---Lesson [45]. Some more Facts about the Plural,
---Lesson [46]. The Case.

Some More Grammatical Rules to Remember :

---Rule [1]. The Hamza of Joining and the Hamza of Separation,
---Rule [2]. Detached Accusative Pronouns,
---Rule [3]. The Verbal Noun,
---Rule [4]. The Adverb of Time and Place.

---Glossary : English - Arabic.
---Glossary : Arabic - English.

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Also see Arabic Grammar : Darsi.

*Dimensions : 21.3 x 14 x 2.1cm.

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