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Nabeel 6ml Itar
Nabeel 6ml Itar
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Adillat al-Hanafiyyah : Arabic
Adillat al-Hanafiyyah : Arabic
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Arabic Learning

The Easy Method of Learning Arabic : 2 Vols
The Easy Method of Learning Arabic : 2 Vols
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Details:  The Easy Method of Learning the Arabic Language :
*[A5] 2 x Paperback - 387 pages, 2 Volumes, New,
by Dr. Abd al-Razzaq Iskander,
Published by Zam Zam, Pakistan.

Description :

This book is the detailed English translation of the 2 volumed urdu work al-Tariqah al-Asriyyah fi ta'lim al-lughah al-Arabiyyah.

It comprises of many lessons, and has been arranged in the sequence with the easiest lessons first, then together with the repetition of certain lessons, especially the verbs with various examples, without any interruption and difficulty. This is to make the actual lesson firm in the mind of the student and to make understanding easier.

Book 1 - Total 75 Lessons,
[A5] Paperback 216 pages,

Sample of Contents include :

---Dictation and Laws of Dictation,
---Absent Pronouns,
---Sungular, Dual and Plural,
---Big, Small and Average,
---Long, Short and Average,
---Plants and Animals,
---Close and Far,
---Fi'l Mudaari, Singular Masculine,
---Fi'l Mudaari, Female Singular,
---Fi'l Mudaari, Masculine Singular,
---Fi'l Mudaari, Female,
---Letter, Masculine,
---Letter, Female,
---Dictation and Laws of Dictation,
---Fi'l Maadi, Masculine Singular,
---Fi'l Maadi, Female Singular,
---Fi'l Mudaari, Masculine,
---The Student in Madrasah,
---Fi'l Maadi, the Student,
---The Female Student in Madrasah,
---Walking in the Garden,
---Counting from 1 - 10,
---Counting, Feminine,
---Counting from 11 - 20,
---Counting, Feminine Tameez,
---Counting in Tens,
---Counting in Hundreds and the movement in numbers,
---Dictation and Laws of Dictation,
---Days of the Week,
---Months of the Year,
---Letter of Permission,
---Letter to the Father,
---Letter to the Brother,
---The Well Mannered Student,
---Bravery of the Child,
---Wisdom and Advice,

Book 2 - Total 42 Lessons,
[A5] Paperback 174 pages,

Sample of Contents include :

---Maf'ool Bihi,
---Mubtada and Khabar,
---Jarrul Ism,
---Ism Faa'il,
---Ism Maf'ool,
---Fi'l Mudaari Marfoo',
---Nasb Fi'l Mudaari,
---Jazm Fi'l Mudaari,
---Superlative Nouns,
---Honour for Elders,
---The Humilty of Nabi, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Assisting the Helpless,
---Encouragement to do deeds,
---Being soft to Animals,
---Story of the Small Bird,
---The Road,
---The messenger of Qaysar,
---There is regret in rushing,
---The consequence of oppression,
---Thinking of Allah The Almighty,
---The hradworking Student,
---Taking a Walk for Fresh Air,
---The Sun,
---Salaat al-Jum'ah,
---A Student addresses his freind,
---Seasons of the Year,
---Etiquettes of a student in Madrasah,
---Story of a Student,
---Obedience to Parents,
---Means of Travel,
---Capital from a Small Coin,
---The Unwanted Guest,
---Indeed, I have very little desire for food,
---The Seerah of Muhammad, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Surah al-Fateha,
---Surah al-Ikhlaas.

More Arabic Grammar.

* Single Volume Dimensions : 21.3 x 14cm.

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