Al-Murah f-il Mazah: Arabic

Al-Murah fi al-Mazah : Arabic
[-A4] Paperback - 56 pages,
by Imam Badr al-Din Abu'l Barakat al-Ghazzi [d.984h],
Published in Cairo, Egypt.


Al-Murah fi al-Mazah  :  A work on Adaab (manners) by the renowned scholar Shaykh Badr al-Din al-Ghazzi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. In this work the author extols the virtues [in litanies] of having a good demeanour, soft and pleasant nature, being humble and pious, with all and everyone.

About the Author

He is al-Imam Mufti Badr al-Din Abu'l Barakat al-Ghazzi al-Shafi'i [d.984h], rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. He was born in Damascus and came from a large family of scholars (al-Ghazzi). His father Radi al-Din was a shafi'i judge in Damascus, and an influential figure in the Qadiri Sufi Tariqah. Badr al-Din al-Ghazzi was educated by the leading scholars of Mamluk Cairo, before starting his own education in Damascus. He would go on to become one of the leading scholars of the 16th Century Damascus, renowned for his work on Tafsir (Qur'an Exegesis) and sought after legal opinions (fatawa). He taught many Ottoman scholars and officials who spent time in Damasacus.  

Some of his known works : 

---Qur'an Tafsir,
---Commentary of ibn-Subki's, Jam al-Jawami, in poetical form,
---Al-Matali al-Badriyya fi al-Manazil al-Rumiyya,
---Al-Durr al-Nadid fi 'Adab al-Mufid wa l Mustafid,
---'Adab al-Ishra wa Dhikr al-Suhba wa l-Ukhuwwa,
---Risalat al-'Adab al-Mu'akala,
---Al-Murah fi al-Mazah.

His son; Najm al-Din Ghazzi preserved his father's legacy and was responsible for writing al-Kawakib al-Sa'ira bi a'yan  al-mi'a al-'Ash'ira.




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