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Qasidah/Awrad (Arabic)

Al-Zubda fi Sharh al-Burda : Arabic
Al-Zubda fi Sharh al-Burda : Arabic
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  • Authored by: Mullah Ali al-Qari

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Details: Al-Zubda fi Sharh al-Burda : Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 206 pages,
Qasida al-Burda by Imam al-Busiri,
Sharh by Mulla Ali al-Qari [d.1014h],
Tahiq wa Taliq by Maher Adeeb,
Published by Dar al-Lubab, Turkey.

Description :

Al-Zubda fi Sharh al-Burda - contains Mulla Ali al-Qari, 'rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, concise commentary (sharh) on Imam al-Busairi's, 'alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan's, famous poem of the Cloak, the Qasidah al-Burdah.

This Edition : Beautiful good quality Turkish print. Perfectly bound with embossed features on the front cover. Printed on cream paper with harakat. See image below for sample page.

About Mulla `Ali al-Qari (d. 1014) :

One of the great Hanafi masters of hadith and Imam's of fiqh, Qur'anic commentary, language, history and tasawwuf. He was born in Herat, Iran, where he received his basic Islamic education. Thereafter, he travelled to Makkah al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia, and studied under the celebrated scholar Shaykh Ahmad ibn Hajar Haythami Makki, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

He authored several great commentaries such as al-Mirqat on Mishkat al-masabih in several volumes, a two-volume commentary on Qadi `Iyad's al-Shifa', and a two-volume commentary on Imam al-Ghazali's abridgment of the Ihya entitled `Ayn al-`ilm wa zayn al-hilm (The spring of knowledge and the adornment of understanding). His book of prophetic invocations, al-Hizb al-a`zam (The supreme daily dhikr) forms the basis of Imam al-Jazuli's celebrated manual of dhikr, Dala'il al-khayrat, which along with the Qur'an is recited daily by many pious Muslims around the world.

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*Dimensions : 24.6 x 17.4cm.

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