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Turkish Delight : 200g
Turkish Delight : 200g
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Connecting to the Qur'an : New
Connecting to the Qur'an : New
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33 Bead Tasbih : Choice
33 Bead Tasbih : Choice
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Mihr e Muneer : Urdu [P]
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Fiqh (Arabic)

Al-Muwatta : Arabic
Al-Muwatta : Arabic
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  • Authored by: Imam Malik

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Details: Al-Muwatta : Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 656 pages,
by Imam Malik ibn Anas [d.179h],
by Maktaba al-Assrya, Beirut.

Description :

Al-Muwatta of Imam Malik, radi Allahu anhu. This is the first formulation of Islamic Law based on the behaviour of the people of Madinah during the time of the great Companions. Al-Muwatta is the blueprint for a just and radiant society: the earliest, clearest, cleanest record of early Islam. It is divided into 61 books on different subjects, each book containing many ahadith. The numbering system used by Imam Malik, may Allah be pleased with him, is consecutive per book

Imam Malik's Muwatta ("the well-trodden path") is a collection of two item's:

    *** [1]. The Sayings & Deeds of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, (also referred to as the Sunnah). The reports of the Noble Prophet, ﷺ, sayings and deeds are called ahadith.
    *** [2]. The legal Opinions & Decisions of the Noble Prophet's, ﷺ,  Companions, their successors, and some later authorities.

Imam Malik (full name Malik bin Anas bin Malik bin Abu Amir Al-Asbahi), may Allah be pleased with him, was born in 93 A.H. and died in 179 A.H. He lived most of his life in Madinah, the city in which the Beloved Prophet, ﷺ, settled in. He was a pre-eminent scholar of Islam, and is the originator of the Maliki judicial school of thought. He is reputed to have had over one thousand students.

During Imam Malik's, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, lifetime, he steadily revised his Muwatta, so it reflects over forty years of his learning and knowledge. It contains a few thousand hadith.

*Dimensions : 24.5 x 17.3cm.

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