Mishkat al-Asrar : Arabic

Mishkat al-Asrar,
li Arif al-Waqt Abi al-Anwar : Arabic, New,
[-A4] Paperback - 160 pages,
by Imam Ahmad al-Dardir al-Adawi al-Maliki [d.1204h],
Published by Dar al-Ehsan, Cairo.


Description :

Mishkat al-Anwar li Arif al-Waqt Abi al-Anwar - Hadha Sharh hizb al-Qutb al-Kabir al-WalI al-'arif bi-llah ta'ala Sayyidi Muhammad Karim al-Din al-Khalwati ... and Sharh al-Sighah al-Ahmadiyah. 

Another Rasail from the pen of the renowned mutakalimin Imam al-Dardir, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. This one focuses on the spiritual leaders (and their works) of the Khalwatiyyah tarqiah.


Imam al-Dardir : 

He is al-Imam al-Shaykh Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn abi-Hamid al-'Adawi al-Maliki al-Azhari al-Khalwati ad-Dardir (1715 – 1786 CE) (AH 1127 – 1204 AH ) otherwise known as Imam ad-Dardir or Dardir. He was a prominent late jurist in the Maliki school from Egypt. His Sharh as-Saghir and Sharh al-Kabir are two of the most important books of fatwa (Islamic legal rulings) in the Maliki school. His ("The Radiant Pearl") is a widespread primer on Ash'ari creed. 

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  • Written by: Imam al-Dardir

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