Al-Zuhd : Arabic

Al-Zuhd : Arabic : New,
*[A4] Hardback - 454 pages,
by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal [d.241h],
Published by Dar al-Hadith, Egypt.

Description :

Al-Zuhd - The book of abstinence, or Kitab Al-Zuhd is considered one of the most pre-eminent books on the subject of abstinence from worldly affairs.

Two colour print with footnotes. Printed by Dar al-Hadith, Cairo.

He is Al-Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal al-Shaybani (d. 241H / 855CE), who was renowned for his profound knowledge of hadith—the reports of the Prophet’s sayings and deeds—is a major figure in the history of Islam.

Ibn Hanbal, may Allah be pleased with him, was famous for living according to his own strict interpretation of the Prophetic model and for denying himself even the most basic comforts in a city then one of the wealthiest in the word, and despite belonging to a prominent family. His piety and austerity made him a folk hero, especially after his principled resistance to the attempts of two Abbasid caliphs to force him to accept rationalist doctrine. His subsequent imprisonment and flogging became one of the most dramatic episodes of medieval Islamic history. Ibn Hanbal’s resistance influenced the course of Islamic law, the rise of Sunnism, and the legislative authority of the caliphate. tells the formidable life tale of one of the most influential Muslims in history.

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  • Written by: Imam ibn Hanbal

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