Shifa al-Siqam : Arabic

Shifa al-Siqam
fi Ziyarat khayr al-Anam
: Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 552 pages,
by Taqi al-Din Ali bin al-Subki,
Edited by Hasan Muhammad Ali Sakri,
Published by Maktaba al-Assrya,

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Description :

Detailed treatise on the permissibility of tawassul, [seeking a means to Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala] by visiting the graves (ziyarah) of the Prophet, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, the Friends of Allah, (Awliya-Allah), etc.

Written by the 'Shaykh al-Islam' of his time time, Imam Taqi al-Din al-Subki, may Allah be pleased with him, who comprehensively refutes his controversial contemporary, Ibn Taymiyya on this topic.

Decent print, fully referenced, with hadith index.

About the Author :

He is ‘Ali ibn ‘Abd al-Kafi ibn ‘Ali ibn Tamam, Abu al-Hasan Taqi al-Din al-Subki, was born in Subk, Egypt, in 683h/1284C.E. Imam Taqi al-Din al-Subki, belongs to a large family of al-Subkis, whose members during the seventh and eighth century A.H. made themselves renowned, not only for their learning, high positions as qadis, jurisconsultants, professors, preachers, and writers, but also for their high personal qualities. As the family name al-Subki, shows the family of these times came from one of the two villages Subk in lower Egypt, namely the Subk in the province of Sharkiyya.

The family, however, carried its pedigree back to the time of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and claimed to be descendants of the tribe of Khazraj, or one of the two dominating tribes of the old city of Yathrib, the later Madinah, who became the followers, supporters, and champions of [the Prophet] Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Hence the members of the Subki family call themselves al-Khazraji.

Salah al-Din Safadi said of him,

“People say that no one like him had appeared since
Al-Ghazali, though in my opinion they thereby do him an
injustice, for to my mind he does not resemble anyone
less than Sufyan al-Thawri.” 


Al-Subki was educated in Cairo by such scholars as Ibn Rif’a in Sacred Law, ‘Alam al-Din Iraqi in Qur'anic tafsir (exegesis), and Sharaf al-Din al-Dimyati in hadith, he also travelled to acquire knowledge of hadith from the shaykhs of Syria, Alexandria, and the Hijaz. In 739h he moved from Cairo to Damascus, where he was appointed to the judiciary and presided for seventeen years. Towards the end of which he became ill, was replaced by his son Taj al-Din, and returned to Cairo. He passed away twenty days later in 756h/1355C.E.

Amongst his works are ;

---Sharh al-Muhadhdhab,
---Al-Kalam 'ala Hinthi al-Nas,
---Fatawa al-Subki,
---Ibhaj fi sharh al-Minhaj.





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  • Written by: Imam Taqi al-Din al-Subki

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