Authentic Ruling on Mawlid

The Authentic Ruling
on Mawlid un Nabi

[A5] Booklet - 16 pages,
by Tehreek e Froghi Islam,
Published by Jamiya Barkaat al-Uloom.


The Authentic Ruling on Mawlid un Nabi, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam. This article is in response to a leaflet that was posted through many Muslim doors against celebrating Mawlid un Nabi and it is also to eradicate some misconceptions regarding Mawlid.

The booklet covers :

---What does the Qur'an and Sunnah (tradition) say?
---Aqeedah (creed) of the Sahaba (the Noble Companions of the Prophet),
---Mis-interpretation of the Hadith,
---Our Call,
---Sincere and humble advice to Muslims,


There is a general consensus that openly celebrating Mawlid un Nabi and having public holidays happened around the 3rd Century of Islam. There is no recorded Fatwa (legal ruling) from any notable scholar that this was a deplorable innovation (bidah). The silence of the scholars is acceptance of this practice. In the absence of any Fatawa against it demonstrates that they did not regard it as forbidden. 





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