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Al-Mirqat : Arabic
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Majmua Wazaif : Gold Edition
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Jinn | Angels

The Houses that the Angels do not Enter
The Houses that the Angels do not Enter
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Details:   The Houses that the Angels do not Enter, Back in Stock,
'Buyootun La tadkhuluhal Malaa'ikah.'
*[A5] Hardback - 117 pages,
by Ukkasha Abdal Mannan.
*Sub-continent print/translation.

Description :

This is a book about the world of the Angels. It relates to important information about them; everything an inquisitive mind might wish to know. The book invites us to become their companions.

In it's few pages it compresses a lot information about them. Naturally, by knowing many things in it, we may correct our lives to be able to receive their prayers and intercession and to protect ourselves from being those whose 'Houses the Angels do not Enter.'

Includes extensive footnotes and full hadith references.

Table of Contents :


---The Angels and their duties,
---The Angels are Allah Almighty's creation,
---Angels worship Allah,
---Tasbih and it's merits,
---Innocence of the Angels,
---First evidence,
---Second evidence,
---Third evidence,
---Angels have the ability to adopt different shapes/forms,
---The power, ability and strength of the Angels,
---Another Angel,
---The Duties of the Angels;
------1. Ridwan, alayhi salam, the Warden of Paradise,
------2. Maalik, alayhi salam, the Warden of Hell,
------3. Maalik al-Mawt - the Angel of Death,
---Angels of mercy and of punishment,
---Munkar Nakir,
---Kiraman Katibin,
---The guradian Angels,
---The Angel of the mountains,
---The Angel appointed at a mothers womb,
---The Angel in charge of provision,
---Angels appointed over those who spend,
---Angels deputed to invoke Blessings on the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---Angels appointed for the Salaah (ritual prayer/worship)
---The Angel for the one who goes out of his home,
---The Angels at funerals,
---The Angels who reside over thunder, lightning and clouds,
---The houses that the Angels do not enter,
---When a person is with the devil,
---Whenever he goes out, Man is either with the Devil or an Angel!
---When the Qur'an is not recited?
---When one speaks falsehood/lies,
---The irritable who does not seek refuge from the devil,
---Degrees of anger,
---The causes of anger are of two kinds,
---Corollaries of anger,
---Throwing out causes of anger,
---Combining anger and courage,
---A wife who takes a separate bed in anger,
---The three near whom Angels do not come,
---The one who breaks ties of relationship,
---Angels do not enter the homes with pictures,
---Angels do not enter the homes with dogs,
---Angels do not enter the homes with impurity,
---Angels do not enter the house of a sexually defiled person,
---Angels do not enter the house where there is a bell,
---Angels do not enter the house with a Devil's bed,
---No Angels if the Devil is a co-rider,
---Angels do not enter the house where the Sunnah is neglected,
---Where Salaah and Dhikr are not made - Angels do not go their.

---Glossary of words.

*Dimensions : 22 x 14.2cm.

Sub-continent print quality and condition.
*Non ASWJ Publisher.


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