The Jinn : In the Qur'an & the Sunna

 The JINN - In the Qur'an and the Sunnah,
[A5] Paperback - 65 pages,
by  Mustafa Ashour,
English Translation by Aisha Bewley.



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Description :

A brief but popular treatise on the concept of the Jinn, their properties and how to seek protection from them.

Drawing on the soundest of sources - the Qu'ran & the narrations of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, the Egyptian scholar Mustafa Ashour has compiled a much-needed book that avoids the pitfalls of incredulity and superstition, and presents a balanced clear-cut description of the Jinn, their properties and domain.

This book is indispensable to all those who seek a sound Islam, of which belief in the 'Unseen' is an integral part. And, not least, it provides clear guidance on protecting oneself from any dangers that might be incurred from the realm of the 'Unseen' through wrong action or malicious intent.  





Table of Contents :


[1] The reality and nature of the World of the Jinn,
-------Confirmation of the existence of the World of the Jinn,
-------Who are the Jinn ?
-------From what are the Jinn created ?
-------When were the Jinn created ?
-------The types of Jinn,
-------Do the Jinn have bodies ?
-------Do the Jinn have other names ?
-------Do the Jinn have power to take on other forms ?
-------The capabilities and powers of the Jinn,
-------Do the Jinn die ?
-------How does shaytan walk ?
-------What is the time when shaytan is most frequently present ?
-------Where is the throne of Iblis ?
-------The actions which Iblis did before the sons of Adam, alayhi salam,
-------Is Iblis a Jinn or an Angel ?
-------Do the Jinn feel envy ? Can they harm us ?

[2] The obligations of the Jinn,
-------Are there messengers and prophets among the Jinn ?
-------The universal mission of the Prophet to Jinn & Men,
-------Religions and sects amongst the Jinn,
-------Are the Jinn rewarded for their actions ?

[3] The Jinn in their own sphere,
-------Do they marry and have children ?
-------Can Jinn and men inter-marry ?
-------Do the Jinn eat and drink ?
-------The homes and haunts of the Jinn,
-------Animals and Jinn.

[4] The Jinn and knowledge,
----The Jinn's transmission of hadith,
----Preachers amongst the Jinn,
----The Jinn's knowledge of types of wisdom.

[5] The Jinn and the Prophets,
----Shaytan in the ship of Nuh, alayhi salam,
----Shaytan and Musa, alayhi salam,
----Shaytan and 'Isa, alayhi salam,
----Can shaytan take on the form of a Prophet ?
----The Jinn reporting about the mission of the Prophet, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam?

[6] Miscellany,
----Is it permissible to ask the Jinn about the past and future?
----The fettering of the rebellious Jinn in the month of Ramadan,
----Are there some people who worship Jinn?
----Why do the Jinn and shaytans obey charms and talismans (ruqya) ?
----The Jinn's testifying for the mu'adhdhin on the Day of Rising,
----Does shaytan oppose the people of the Mosque ?
----Do animals see Shaytan ?

[7] Manifestations of the struggle between Shaytan and Man,
----Causes of the enmity between Shaytan and man,
----The reasons which led Iblis to fall into error,
----What is the greatest goal of shaytan ?
----The things to which Shaytan calls man,
----What act of rebellion does shaytan prefer ?
----The Jinn bringing down a man and it's cure,
----The Jinn and the plague,
----False menstruation is from shaytan,
----Shaytan and dreams,
----The whispering of shaytan,
----Haste is from shaytan,
----Shaytan clings to the unjust judge,
----Shaytan binding the head of the sleeper,
----Shaytan's touching man,
----Shaytan is present when a child is born,
----Shaytan's presence during intercourse,
----Shaytan's presence in all the affairs of man.

[8] Man's weapon against Shaytan,
----Seeking refuge with Allah,
----Seeking refuge when reciting the Qur'an,
----Seeking refuge when entering the lavatory,
----Seeking refuge when going to sleep,
----The two Sura's of seeking refuge,
----Remembering Allah often,
----The first three ayats of Sura Ghafir together with the Ayat al-Kursi,
----The end of Surah al-Baqara,
----Wudu' and the Prayer,
----Recitation of Ayat al-Kursi,
----Repentance and asking for forgiveness,
----Reciting Surah al-Baqara,
----Refraining from excess,
----The fortress of knowledge,
----Clinging to the Muslim Community.






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