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Ali al-Hujweri

Kashf al-Mahjub : English
Kashf al-Mahjub : English
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  • Authored by: Sh. Data Ali al-Hujweri

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Details: Kashf al-Mahjub : English, New,
'The Revelation of the Veiled'
[The Earliest Persian Treatise on Sufism],
*[A5] Paperback - 462 pages,
by Ali b. Uthman al-Jullabi al-Hujwiri [d.469h],
Transl. Reynold A. Nicholson,
Published by Gibb Memorial Trust.

Back in Stock September 2020

Description :

The Kashf al-Mahjub ; 'The Revelation of the Veiled.'† One of the oldest Sufi works in Persian, it is a substantial treatise aiming to set forth a complete system of Sufism (tasawwuf). This is achieved partly by the discussion of acts and sayings of the great figures of the past, partly by discussion of features of doctrine and practice and the examination of the different views adopted by different Sufi schools. It is enlivened by episodes from the authorís own experiences.

Shaykh al-Hujwīrī came from Ghazna, now in Afghanistan, then the capital of the mighty Ghaznavid Empire. He was a Sufi mystic who travelled widely in the Middle East and Transoxiana. The Kashf al-Maḥjūb was probably written in Lahore, where he is buried, not long before his death in about 1074.

Shaykh Ali b. Uthman al-Hujwiri :

He is Hadhrat Sayyid 'Ali bin Uthman al-Jullabi al-Hujweri, may Allah be pleased with him, popularly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh (Bestower of Spiritual Treasures) . He belonged to a place called Hujwer (Hijwer) in the town of Ghazna, Afghanistan. He lived during the 5th century A.H. (11th century C.E.) and was well versed in all the Islamic sciences such as Tafsir (exegesis) of the Qur'an, Hadith (Traditions of the Prophet), Fiqh (Muslim Law) and dogmatic theology (Ilmu Kalam). Shaykh al-Hujweri's, may Allah be pleased with him, spiritual lineage traces back to Hadhrat Junaid al-Baghdadi, through the three intermediaries al-Husri, an-Nasrabi, and Shibli, may Allah be pleased with them all.

In the course of his spiritual journey to God, he journeyed physically to many countries, often alone and with hardship. These places included Turkestan, Transoxania, Iran, Iraq, and Syria where he met innumerable Sufi shaikhs, many of whom he has mentioned in this book. He went to Lahore in the later part of this life to spread Islam, converting large numbers of Hindus into Muslims. He passed away in Lahore in 469 A.H. (1077 Common Era) where his maqam (tomb) currently stands, visited by people of all walks of life, from near and far.

Table of Contents:

---Preface to the First Edition,
---Preface to the Second Edition,
---Authors Introduction.

---[I].† On the Affirmation of Knowledge,
---[II]. On Poverty,
---[III].On Sufism,
---[IV].On the wearing of patched ''frocks,''
---[V]. On the different opinions held concerning Poverty and Sufism,
---[VI]. On Blame (malamat),
---[VII]. Concerning their Imams who belonged to the Companions,
---[VIII]. Concerning their Imams who belonged to the House of the Prophet, ﷺ,
---[IX]. Concerning the People of the Veranda (ahl-i-Suffa),
---[X].† Concerning their Imams who belonged to the Followers (al-Tabi'un),
---[XI]. Concerning their Imams who lived subsequently to the Followers down to our day,
---[XII]. Concerning the principle Sufi's of recent times,
---[XIII]. A brief account of the modern Sufi's in different countries,
---[XIV]. Concerning the doctrines held by the different sects of Sufis.

---The Eleven Veils :
---[XV]. The Uncovering of the [1st] Veil: The Gnosis of Allah (al-Marifah),
---[XVI].The Uncovering of the [2nd] Veil: Unification (at-Tawhid),
---[XVII]. The Uncovering of the [3rd] Veil: Faith (al-Imaan),
---[XVIII]. The Uncovering of the [4th] Veil: Purification (at-Tahaarat),
---[XIX]. The Uncovering of the [5th] Veil: Prayer (as-Salaat),
---[XX]. The Uncovering of the [6th] Veil: Alms (az-Zakaat),
---[XXI]. The Uncovering of the [7th] Veil: Fasting (al-Sawm),
---[XXII]. The Uncovering of the [8th] Veil: Pilgrimage (al-Hajj),
---[XXIII]. The Uncovering of the [9th] Veil: Rules & Principles of Companionship,
---[XXIV]. The Uncovering of the [10th] Veil: The use of Expressions (phraseology),
---[XXV].The Uncovering of the [11th] Veil: Concerning audition (Sama').

---Corrections and Additions.

Also see Sufism.

*Dimensions : 21.2 x 15cm.

[A5] Paperback - 462 pages.

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