Rumi : Biography and Message

Rumi : Biography and Message,
*[A5+] Paperback - 135 pages,
Compiled by Cihan Okuyucu,
Published by Tughra, Turkey.


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Product Description:

Rumi a true inheritor of the Messenger who was sent to all humanity, spoke a transcendent language. Like a pair of compasses, he had one foot fixed on his own values, and then he embraced all nations, which he took as the manifestation of the Light of God. Muslims saw the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, embodied in him; at the same time he represented the teachings of Jesus (Isa, peace be upon him) for Christians, and those of Moses (Musa, peace be upon him) for Jews. An authoritative but accessible introduction to this important 13th-century historian and mystic poet Rumi, this work concentrates on the social and cultural environment in which he lived and produced his influential works.

The book describes the war-torn lives of the people in Asia Minor at the time and states that few figures in history have made an appeal for peace so enlightened that it travelled down the centuries. A selection of passages from Rumi's works is also included, explaining his core philosophy in his own words. The main themes being :

         *** A life of Love and Wisdom,
         *** Praises for Rumi and the Masnawi,
Understanding Rumi in parables.


The author : Cihan Okuyucu is a professor, the head of department of Turkish literature at Fatih University, and the author of 13 books on Ottoman and Sufi literature. He is also a former cataloging expert on handwritten manuscripts from the Ottoman era at the famous Suleymaniye Library in Istanbul.

Table of Contents :


---Chapter [1]. A Life of Love and Wisdom,
------The Main Sources about Rumi,
------His Early Life,
------After Meeting Shams of Tabriz,
------The Mevlevi Order and the Sama.

---Chapter [2]. His Works,
------The Masnawi,
------Divani Kabir and others,
------Praises for Rumi and the Masnawi.

---Chapter [3]. Understanding Rumi in Parables,
------Who Am I?
------Majnun and his Camel,
------The physically ugly and the spiritually ugly,
------Looking for a true human being,
------Degrees of Humanity,
------Moses and the Runaway Sheep,
------The City called the World,
------The Gazelle in the Donkeys' barn,
------Which is worth more, the clay or candy?
------Whi's an ascetic?
------The their who steals our lifetime in this world,
------Reason, knowledge and types of knowledge,
------The linguist and the sailor,
------The fool who wanted to learn the language of the animals,
------A blind man with keen sight; a deaf man with keen hearing; and a naked man with a long dress,
------The knowledge of the foolish prince,
------The puppies that barked in the womb,
------etc, etc.



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