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General Sufism

The Concept of Sainthood
The Concept of Sainthood
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Details:  The Concept of Sainthood -
in Early Islamic Mysticism : New,
'Two Works by al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi'
by Abu Abdullah M. al-Tirmidhi [d.295/300?h]
*[A5] Paperback - 293 pages,
by Bernd Radtke,
& by John O' Kane,
Published by Routledge.

Description :

The Concept of Sainthood in Early Islamic Mysticism ; Two Works by al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi, provide annotated translations of the earliest Arabic autobiography and the earliest theoretical explanation of the psychic development and powers of an Islamic holy man (Saint, Friend of God, Wali-Allah).

In view of the breadth of Hakim al-Tirmidhi’s writings, which the brief sketch of his works should make clear, it might well come as a surprise that the Sufi handbooks of the 4th/I0th and 5th/11th centuries — with the sole exception of Al-Hujwiri/Al-Jullabi — pay so little attention to him. Tirmidhi is not even mentioned at all by Abu Nasr al-Sarraj and Abu Talib al-Makki, whereas al-Kalabadhi and al-Qushayri only refer to him in the most cursory manner. On the other hand, Al-Sulami, the great compiler of early Sufi source materials, knew al-Tirmidhi’s writings, as did al-Ghazali at a later date. But Tirmidhi’s popularity was eventually to receive a great boost when the prolific thcosophist-mystic Shaykh ibn al-'Arabi wrote a commentary on him. And Tirmidhi was likewise known to Ibn al-'Arabi’s great opponent, Ibn Taymiyya.

The content of his theosophical endeavors Tirmidhi gathered from whatever sources he found to hand. Having been educated as a theologian and a faqih , he had at his disposal the whole of the Arabic Islamic tradition: theology, hadith studies, fiqh, and arabiyya in the broadest sense.

Tirmidhi’s individual contribution to Islamic intellectual history was the fact that he fused various given elements with his personal “mystical" experiences to produce an integrated overview, his own system. It is in this respect that he is an exceptional case for his day and age. In fact, he is the first and, up until the time of Ibn al-Arabi, the only mystic author whose writings present a broad synthesis of mystic experience, anthropology, cosmology and Islamic theology.

"When the servant [of God] looks at his bodily parts and sees that they have grown calm, he then turns his attention to his interior and behold, his carnal soul (nafs) is filled with the lusts of his bodily parts. And he says: "Indeed, this is [all] one lust. Part of it is allowed to me and part of it is forbidden to me. But I am in grave danger! I must guard over my sight so that it only looks upon what is permitted. Whenever my eyes look upon the forbidden, they must close and avert themselves. And it is the same for my tongue and all my bodily parts. If I neglect this vigilance for one moment, my carnal soul will hurl me into the ravines of destruction.

When this fear comes over him, his anxiety causes everything to become constrained for him, and cuts him off from men at large and renders him incapable of discharging many things to do with God's affair. He becomes one of those who flee from every undertaking, because he is too weak and fears the effects of his lustful carnal soul on his bodily parts
. ”

Table of Contents



---1 . The Life of al-Haklm al-Tirmidhi, 
---2. Al-Tirmidhi’s Writings,
---3. Al-Tirmidhi’s Position in Islamic Intellectual History,
---4. Friendship with God,
---5. About Both Texts,


---[1]. The Autobiography of the Theosophist Tirmidh,
-------The beginning of the affair of Abu 'Abdallah Muhammad al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi,
---[2]. Al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi: The Life of the Friends of God,

---Excursus: Theory of Knowledge,

---Excursus: The Spirit (ruh),

---Appendix ;

------1 . Index of Proper Names,
------2 . Index of Arabic and Persian Words,
------3. Index of Concepts,


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