Saifia Teachings : New

Taleemat e Saifia,
Saifia Teachings : New,
'A Concise Guide of Islamic Sufi Teachings'
*[A5] Paperback - 115 pages,
by Faisal Dean Raza Saifi,
Published by Raza Publications.

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Description :
'Taleemat e Saifia : A Concise Guide to Islamic Sufi Teachings' is a handbook of the Naqshbandiyya Saifia Teachings written by Faisal Dean Raza Saifi under the guidance of Professor Peer Sayyid Muhammad Ali Raza Bukhari al-Saifi.

The reality of Islam is the complete submission to the command of Almighty Allah. The commandments of Islam apply to both the outward and inward state of the Muslim. One of the central and most important aspects of Islam is the Sufi teaching also known as Tasawwuf (esoteric dimension of Islam). As Islamic jurisprudence, known as Fiqh, teaches the Muslim how the outward worship, such as Prayer and Fasting should be performed, in like manner, Tasawwuf also teaches the Muslim how to internalise the worship through states of the Nafs (self).
In short, the main purpose of Tasawwuf is the purification of ones intentions and the humility in ones conduct with The Creator and His creation. It is important to create a balance between Fiqh and Tasawwuf in ones life, as one cannot exist without the other. Imam Malik ibn Anas (93 AH - 179 AH) famously said of Tasawwuf :

"Whoever studies tasawwuf without fiqh will be corrupted
and whoever studies fiqh without tasawwuf will transgress
and whoever studies fiqh and tasawwuf will reach reality
(the Truth)."

This book outlines the teachings of the 'Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Saifi' spiritual path, and serves as a guide for students of this discipline. Within it are the daily practices of all four spiritual paths (Naqshbandi, Chishti, Qadiri and Suhrawardi), as transmitted and taught by the eminent teacher and scholar, The late Hazrat Imam e Khurasani Akhondzadah Saif-ur-Rahman Peer-e-Archi Mubarak Sahib. In particular the teaching of the 'Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Saifi' path, that is dependant on the Tawajju (attention) of an accomplished sufi master.

Table of Contents :


---Subtle Centres of Consciousness (Lata'if),
---Aalam e Amr,
---Aalam e Khalq,
---The Position and Association of each Latifa,
---Brief Exaplanation of the Lata'if,
-------Latifa Qalb,
-------Latifa Ruh,
-------Latifa Sirr,
-------Latifa Khafi,
-------Latifa Akhfa,
-------Latifa Nafsi,
-------Latifa Qaalbi,

---The Method of Nafi Asbaat,
---Meditation (Muraqaba),
---Intentions (Wuqoof e Muraqaba),
---Intentions (Asool e Muraqaba).

---Sayings of Hadrat Shah Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari,
-------1.Nazar bar Qadam - (Watching One's Step),
-------2. Hush Dar Dam - (Awareness in the Breath/Moment),
-------3. Safar Dar Watan - (Spiritual Travelling in the Homeland),
-------4. Khalwat Dar Anjuman - (Solitude in the Crowd),
-------5. Yad Kard - (Remembrance),
-------6. Baz Gasht - (Returning from Distraction; Going Back)
-------7. Nigah Dasht - (Attentiveness),
-------8. Yad Dasht - (Continued Remembrance),
-------9. Wuquf e Adadi - (Awareness of Numbers),
-------10. Wuquf e Qalbi - (Awareness of the Heart),
-------11. Fana - (Annihilation),
-------12. Baqa' - (Everlasting),
-------13. Tawajju - (Attention of the Shaykh),
-------14. Suluk - (Traveller and the Journey),
-------15. Walayat - (The Ten Stages).

---What is Wajd ?
---Intructions for a Beginner Starting on the Path,

---Lessons of the Silsila e Chishtiyya Saifia,
-------First Lesson,
-------Second Lesson,
-------Third Lesson,
-------Fourth Lesson,

---Lessons of the Silsila e Qadiriyya Saifia,
-------First Lesson,
-------Second Lesson,
-------Third Lesson,
-------Fourth Lesson,
-------Fifth Lesson,
-------Sixth Lesson,
-------Seventh Lesson,
-------Eighth Lesson,
-------Ninth Lesson.

---Lessons of the Silsila e Suhrawardiyya Saifia,
-------Lessons 1 to 8, same as Qadiriyya Saifia,
-------Ninth Lesson.

---Khatam e Khawajagan,
-------English/Arabic, with instructions of what to read, including the number of times.

---Spiritual Lineage of the Naqshbandiyya Mujadiddiyya Saifia Silsila,
---Spiritual Lineage of the Chishtiyya Saifia Silsila,
---Spiritual Lineage of the Qadiriyya Saifia Silsila,
---Spiritual Lineage of the Suhrawardiyya Saifia Silsila.

---Pir Sayyid Muhammad Ali Raza Bukhari sahibs ancestral history from the Ahl al-Bayt.

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