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Mihr e Muneer : Urdu [P]
Mihr e Muneer : Urdu [P]
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Momin ki Namaz : Urdu
Momin ki Namaz : Urdu
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General Sufism

Mystical Dimensions of Islam
Mystical Dimensions of Islam
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  • Authored by: Annemarie Schimmel

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Details: Mystical Dimensions of Islam : New,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 535 pages,
by Annemarie Schimmel,
Published by Islamic Books Trust.

Description :

In recent years many books have been published on Sufism and the spiritual life in Islam. Each of them has touched upon a different facet, for the phenomenon usually called Sufism is so broad and its appearance so protean that nobody can venture to describe it fully. Like the blind men in Rumi's famous story, when they were made to touch an elephant, each described it according to the part of the body his hands had touched: to one the elephant appeared like a throne, to another like a fan, or like a water pipe, or like a pillar. But none was able to imagine what the whole animal would look like (Masnavi 3: 1259-68).

Such is the case with Sufism, the generally accepted name for Islamic mysticism. To approach its partial meaning we have to ask ourselves first, what mysticism means. That mysticism contains something mysterious, not to be reached by ordinary means or by intellectual effort, is understood from the root common to the words mystic and mystery, the Greek myein, "to close the eyes.

Thirty-five years after its original publication; Mystical Dimensions of Islam; still stands as the most valuable introduction to Sufism, the main form of Islamic mysticism.

This edition brings to a new generation of readers Annemarie Schimmel's historical treatment of the transnational phenomenon of Sufism, from its beginnings through the nineteenth century. Schimmel's sensitivity and deep understanding of Sufism--its origins, development, and historical context--as well as her erudite examination of Sufism as reflected in Islamic poetry, draw readers into the mood, the vision, and the way of the Sufi.

Extract from the Foreword :

"Mystical Dimensions of Islam, from its first appearance in 1975, has become the standard English-language handbook on the subject of Sufism or Islamic mysticism. Readers have appreciated the way the book combines careful and wide-ranging scholarship with a direct and approachable style, making it an excellent introduction to the topic. In the original foreword, Annemarie Schimmel described the dauntingly difficult character of Islamic mysticism as a subject of academic research."---Carl† W. Ernst, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Islamic studies at Univ. of North Carolina.

About the Author :

Annemarie Schimmel (1922-2003) was one of the leading experts on Islamic literature and mysticism (Sufism) in the world. She wrote more than 80 books and essays, and lectured at universities and conferences around the world. Professor Schimmelís teaching posts included Ankara University, the University of Bonn, and Harvard University.

Her writings include translations into English and German from works in Persian, Urdu, Arabic and Turkish, as well as studies of Muslim saints, Sufism, and Islamic literature. Her book Mystical Dimensions of Islam (1975) is considered a classic in its field. Selection of the Author's Works.

Table of Contents :


---The Arabic Alphabet & Note on Transcription,
---The Muslim Year,

---[1]. What is Sufism?

---[2]. Historical Outlines of Classical Sufism,
------The Formative Period.
------Some Mystical Leaders of the Late Ninth Century,
------Mansur al-Hallaj, Martyr of Mystical Love,
------The Period of Consolidation :
---------From Abu Bakr al-Shibli to Imam al-Ghazali.

---[3]. The Path,
------The Foundations of the Path,
------Stations and Stages,
------Love and Annihilation,
------Forms of Worship.

---[4]. Man and His Perfection,
------Some Notes on Sufi Psychology,
------Good and Evil: The Role of Satan,
------Saints and Miracles,
------The Veneration of the Prophet, ﷺ.

---[5]. Sufi Orders and Fraternities,
------Community Life,
------Abu Sa'id ibn Abi'l-Khayr,
------The First Sufi Orders.

---[6]. Theosophical Sufism,
------Suhrawardi Maqtul, the Master of Illumination,
------Ibn al-Arabi, the Great Master,
------Ibn al-Farid, Mystical Poet,
------The Development of Ibn "Arabi's Mysticism of Unity.

---[7]. The Rose and the Nightingale : Persian and Turkish Mystical Poetry,†
------Immortal Rose,
------The Pilgrimage of the Birds :
---------Sana'i and Farid al-Din 'Attar,
------Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi,
------Turkish Popular Mysticism.

---[8]. Sufism in Indo-Pakistan,
------The Classical Period,
------The "Naqshbandi Reaction",
------Khawaja Mir Dard, a "Sincere Muhammadan"
------Mystical Poetry in the Regional Languages :
---------Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto.

---[9]. Epilogue,

---Appendix 1,
------Letter Symbolism in Sufi Literature,
---Appendix 2,
------The Feminine Element in Sufism,

------Addendum to the Bibliography,

---Index of Qur'anic Quotations,
---Index of Prophetic Traditions,†
---Index of Names and Places,
---Index of Subjects.†

More on Sufism : Tasawwuf.

*Dimensions : 23 x 15.5cm.

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