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The Book of Truthfulness : New
The Book of Truthfulness : New
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Details:  The Book of Truthfulness : New,
'Kitab al-Sidq,'
*[-A5] Paperback - 131 pages,
by Abu Sa'id al-Kharraz [d.286h],
Translated by A.J. Arberry,
Published by IBT Malaysia.

Description :

The importance of this treatise lies in the fact that it is the earliest systematic presentation of the theory of Sufi experience, written by a practicing Sufi. Beginning with the idea of sidq or truthfulness, the author develops his theme to include “stations” of fear, hope, trust, love, shame, longing, intimacy, all of which the mystic must pass on his path to God.

Throughout the discourse the author constantly refers, typically as a mystic, to higher degrees of the various stations which cannot be described in written language. In a style which foreshadows the practice of later writers, the author begins with Qur’anic sanctions, and follows these by references to the Sunnah and the lives of the Saints (Awliyah).

About the Author :

Abu Sa‘Id Ahmad ibn ‘Isa. al-Kharraz was one of the best known of the Baghdad school of Sufi's, which flourished in the 3rd Century After Hijri (9th Cent. Common Era). As is the case unfortunately with most of his contemporaries in tasawwuf, little is known of his actual life, apart from the anecdotes illustrative of piety or supernatural gifts which the later compilers relate. Even the date of his death is a matter of uncertainty. Abu Sa‘id al-Malini, who mentions his death at 286h, bases his statement on the information given by Abu’1-Qasim al-Nihawandi, who was a pupil of al-Kharraz for fourteen years, and therefore merits credence.

Al-Kharraz was an associate of Dhu’a1-Nun al-Misri, Bishr ibn al-Harith, Sari al-Saqati, and al-Nibaji, well-known Sufis who figure in many of the anecdotes of which Al-Kharraz is at the forefront.  A masterly analysis of the doctrine and importance of al-Kharraz has been written by L. Massignon (Encyclopedia of Islam), and it is not proposed to add anything to this account here.

This text now published and translated is the sole surviving work of al-Kharraz, though considerable fragments of his sayings and writings are preserved in the various Sufi compendia, notably the Kitab al-Luma‘ of al-Sarraj. The present work is cast in the form of a dialogue, and purports to consist of answers given to al-Kharraz by an unnamed instructor.

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