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Roshni ki Taraf : Urdu
Roshni ki Taraf : Urdu
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Musa & Friends Say Bismillah
Musa & Friends Say Bismillah
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Bah Ya Bah [1] : DVD
Bah Ya Bah [1] : DVD
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General Sufism

The Stations of the Religion : New
The Stations of the Religion : New
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  • Authored by: Sh. Ibrahim Niasse

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Details:  The Stations of the Religion : New,
'A Description of the Steps of Spiritual Wayfaring' (Suluk),
*[A5] Slim Paperback - 49 pages,
by Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse,
Edited by Ibrahim Dimson,
Translated by Zachary Wright,
Published by Fayda Books.

Back in Stock March 2019

Description :

'The Stations of the Religion' : Contains a description of the steps of Spiritual Wayfaring (Suluk). This account clarifies the importance of Hadith of the Angel Jibril, alayhi salam. This explanation was sent as a letter to one of the students of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse, after requesting that the Shaykh explain it to him.

About the Author :

Shaykh Ibrahim Abdullah Niasse (1900-1975) is West Africa’s most renowned Islamic scholar in the twentieth century. His followers numbered in the millions and comprised the largest single Muslim movement in West Africa. He was also well-known among the ulama and leaders of the broader Muslim world and a member of numerous organizations. Following a trip to Cairo, Egypt, in 1961, he became widely known as “Shaykh al-Islam” after having led the Friday prayers in the prestigious Al-Azhar mosque.

He was born in rural Senegal, the son al-Hajj Abdullah Muhammad Niasse. Shaykh Ibrahim was educated primarily at the hands of his father, with full access to his father’s extensive library. Shaykh Ibrahim mastered at an early age from his father the full range of Islamic sciences: the Qur’an and its interpretation, the Hadith and their explanation, jurisprudence and tasawwuf.

In reference to his educational background and achievements, Shaykh Ibrahim said, “I learned Qur’an and Hadith first from my shaykh, my father, and he, from his father. I received an ‘ijaza (diploma from the majalis al-’ilm) first from my father in both Qur’an and Hadith, then from Abdur-Rahman b. al-­Hajj-a1-’Alawi (Mauritania) and another ‘ijaza from Shaykh Ahmad Sukayrij (Morocco) who himself had earned some six hundred ‘ijazas from six hundred dif­ferent shaykhs whose names are mentioned in his book, where he writes, ‘The first one to whom I gave authorisation in all these chains of transmission was the Khalifa al-Hajj Ibrahim Niasse.’” Shaykh Ibrahim once said concerning his scholarly credentials: “What I have in the way of ‘ijaza and muqaddam authorisations would indeed fill a book.”

Shaykh Ibrahim was the best example of a Sufi according to the description “The Sufi is the son of his hour (ibn waqtihi).”  It was based on action and practice, traveling all over the Muslim world, giving speeches, writing pamphlets. In every endeavor, his goal was to direct Muslims to the right path (sirat ul mustaqim). Sickness did not bother him unless it halted his activity in behalf of spreading Islam. Indeed, his tasawwuf was not characterised by heedlessness and neglect (ghafla). It was based on real Islam, mastering the self (nafs) and rul­ing over it with Qur’an and Sunnah.

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Preface,

The Stations of the Religion:

---[1]. Repentance,

---[2]. Steadfastness,

---[3]. God-consciousness,

---[4]. Truthfulness,

---[5]. Sincerity,

---[6]. Tranquility,

---[7]. Awareness,

---[8]. Witnessing,

---[9]. Gnosis.

Biography of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse :

---Who is Shaykh Ibrahim?
---His Birth,
---His Upbringing,
---His Teaching his Students the Sciences,
---His Entering the Tariqa,
---His Ascendancy to the Peak and Summit of the Sciences,
---His Excellent and Glorious Qualities,
---The Excellence of his Poetry and Prose,
---His Writings,
---The Description of His Good Morals and Character,
---His Generosity and Liberality,
---His move to a new village and his new Zawiya of Ahl al-Dhikr,
---His Relation to his Father,
---His Relation to his Mother,
---His Virtues, Deeds and Morals.

Also see Sufism : Homepage.

*Dimensions : 20.3 x 12.7cm.

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