Mercy Oceans

 Mercy Oceans, [Book Two]
The Teachings of Sheikh Abdullah Ad-Daghistani Naqshbandi,
Paperback - 224 pages,
by Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani.

Description :

The Teachings of Mevlana Sheikh Abdullah Ad-Daghistani An-Naqshbandi, May Allah Sanctify His Blessed Soul, As expounded upon by our Master Mevlana Sheikh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani An-Naqshband.


We are going to speak from our Grandsheikh’s lectures, as he was a representative of the Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in our time. Every Wali, saint, must be a representative of his Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in his own time. They are masters for teaching people the Ways of Allah Almighty. Each one of mankind is going towards his Lord, but each has a private and different destination. Everyone must know his destination. The Awliyâ’, saints, have lights in their hearts; they are not blind. For most people, their heart’s eyes are veiled. But Awliyâ’ have taken off the veils and, like Prophets, may look to the future. With their light, they may help people to their destinations, as Allah Almighty says to His Prophet, Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in the Holy Qur’ân:

« Say: This is my way, that I am inviting you unto your Lord, Allah Almighty, with exact vision and perfect guidance which I am on as are they who completely follow me.» --[Surat Yusuf, Verse 108]

Table of Contents

---Signs of real faith,
---You shall be tried,
---Importance of enduring troubles,
---Look not to the faults of others / How to become free of bad character,
---Belief in the unseen,
---The need for a guide,
---Every action as if it were your last,
---Remembering death / The way of high aspiration,
---Fighting your own personal Satan,
---‘Aqil wa tawakkil – Trust in God but tie your camel first,
---The need for training / Avoid argument,
---Address the good side of people,
---Importance of leaving forbidden and disliked actions,
---Our teaching comes from prophets / Respect for food,
---Importance of washing the body,
---Why Sayyidinâ ‘Alî was riding a mule,
---One must be humble,
---Protect and respect The ways of the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---About looking,
---Remove the teeth of your dragon,
---The most acceptable worship,
---Allah protects those who pray,
---Who is stubborn can’t enter paradise / Women in Islam,
---Faith that moves mountains,
---Respect for food: The prophet and the dried barley bread,
---On learning and practicing what one has learned,
---Don’t be a prisoner of enjoyment,
---Two kinds of action / Story of Sayyidinâ Ibrâhîm and the flocks,
---Sultans are very few,
---Parable of the squash vine and the cypress tree,
---Are you mad?
---Signs of a murshid,
---Thinking / Real life,
---All actions for the divine face / Reality, not philosophy in Islam,
---Following a perfect example,
---Why we prefer Islam,
---The safety of Shâm,
---Qur’ân: Fountain of knowledge,
---Be listener,
---Surrender to one’s Sheikh,
---Facing trials gratefully / Abû Bakr, ‘Alî, and the thousand monks,
---Curing spiritual disease / Khalwah – seclusion,
---Our homeland is heavens,
---Importance of final outcome,
---Day of promises / Reward according to intention,
---«I am a dustbin, don’t worry»
---Don’t boast,
---Muhyiuddîn and the Angel,
---Wearing turbans,
---Defeat as reminder,
---Allah creates causes,
---Don’t say: impossible,
---Who carries Qur’ân?
---Everyone will be with his beloved friend,
---No creation in vain,
---Bahlûl’s conversation with the private toilet of the Sultan,
---What is belief?
---Bahlûl and the paradise palace,
---Ladies must obey husbands,
---Who to follow?
---The way of azeemat / Allah’s beauty oceans,
---The mureeds who tested their love for each other,
---How divine attributes differ from ours,
---Attributes of lovers – Layla and Majnûn,
---Make do with less,
---Advice on health and marital relations,
---«The god you worship is beneath my feet»
---Humbleness / Who carries a snake will be bitten,
---That which begins as dirty water and ends a decayed body can be proud?
---Oh my donkey!
---Don’t be angry,
---Ravages of envy,
---To resist temptation,
---On thankfulness,
---The man who never got angry,
---Power of good words / Madhhabs in Islam,
---Murshid tricks nafs / Don’t see sinners as animals,
---Sit at the back of the assembly,
---Affirming weakness,
---Don’t break hearts / Assume the best,
---Your first responsibility is yourself,
---Allah’s endless mercy oceans,
---Endless troubles,,
---Islam is dynamic not passive / About sleeping and eating,
---About non-Muslim ancestors,
---Western ‘sufi’ groups going around in circles,
---For new Muslims: be a real Muslim,
---A smile is charity,
---Respecting mankind,
---Importance of marriage,
---More on meetings,
---Being fully present,
---Bayazid’s 24,000 expansions,
---What to expect in the grave,
---The story of the gravedigger,
---Naqshbandi Tariqat setting limits for ego’s desires,
---Travelling, the way of all Prophets,
---Covering badness,
---For those denying tariqats,
---Who is an unbeliever?
---Speaking the holy name of Allah,
---Always ask for more knowledge / The soul’s capacity is endless,
---Keeping the eyes, the tongue, the limbs,
---Following like a shadow and the story of the barrel of wine,
---A method in our way,
---Pride and manners at metting,
---The wisdom behind Satan / Nothing created without benefit,
---Dhikr – remembering God,
---The value of this world,
---On visiting graves,
---A lesson from a meeting in the spiritual world / What gives a man dishonour?
---Controlling anger and passion,
---The advice of satan and people of advanced thinking,
---Presence in worship / Muhammad, the Last Prophet,
---Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him,
---Avoiding fitnah / Grandsheikh’s tales / Improving day by day,
---Turning the other cheek / A story of Mevlana Khâlid,
---Belief in the hereafter,
---The position of the Naqshbandi order,
---Allah looks to our hearts and actions,
---Be pleased serving for Allah’s sake,

---Glossary of Arabic terms.

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  • Written by: Sh. Nazim al-Haqqani

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