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Explaining Israel\'s Mysterious Imperial Agenda
Explaining Israel's Mysterious Imperial Agenda
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  • Authored by: Sh. Imran Hosein

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Details:  Explaining Israel's Mysterious Imperial Agenda,
[A5] Paperback - 96 pages,
by Imran N. Hosein.

Description :

When Harry Belafonte declared that US President George W. Bush was “the world’s greatest terrorist”, it was clear that while he had not studied the subject sufficiently, since that notorious distinction belongs to Israel and not to Bush, he certainly showed greater understanding of the subject and more courage than most politicians and leaders today.

But Israel has another unique distinction that continuously escapes the attention of scribes, scholars and politicians. It is the only state in the world that has continuously waged unjust war with disdain for ‘gentile’ opinion, and even escalate its warfare while rendering the rest of the world powerless to do anything tangible to prevent it.

The rest of the world, that is, except Islam!

Israel’s deliberately barbarous and disproportionate military response to the Sunni Islamic resistance’s capture of one enemy soldier in the Gaza Strip, and the further capture of two more enemy soldiers by the Shia Islamic resistance in Southern Lebanon, not only constitutes yet another Israeli war crime but also sets up Israel once again for eventual retributive punishment that would be commensurate with all those war crimes. Neither Prophets David nor Solomon (peace be upon them both) ever waged war the Israeli way, with a barbarian ethical code of warfare which permits the indiscriminate bombing-destruction of entire civilian populations, men women and children, in their homes, villages, temples, and bomb-shelters (60 just killed in a village bomb-shelter in Qana, including 37 children) as well as the destruction of civilian airports, roads, bridges, electricity power plants, water works, etc., and the displacement of almost half the population of a country as refugees fleeing for their lives.

One can only wonder why the Israelite Jews who lived in peace with Muslims in the Muslim world for more than a thousand years prior to the birth of the Euro-Jewish State of Israel, have not as yet asked themselves whether Israel’s Euro-Jewish rulers are really Jews, or whether they are Euro-barbarians who disguise themselves as Jews.

Synopsis:  This essay suggests the existence of three basic stages in a mysteriously unfolding master-plan through which Israel seeks to realise her messianic destiny. The master-plan is culminating at this time when the so-called ‘chosen people’ have been mysteriously brought back from 2000 years of exile to reclaim the Holy Land as their own. Their ultimate destiny, they believe, is to rule the world from what would appear to be a restored Biblical Holy State of Israel located in the Holy Land. (The word rule is continuously italicised because of the pivotal place it occupies in the mission of the Anti-Christ.)

Table of Contents :


---[1]. Explaining Israel's Mysterious Imperial Agenda,
---[2]. Will Israel Attack Iran?
---[3]. Israel's Piracy - Gaza's Starvation and our Berlin Walls,
---[4]. Israel's next war - How soon ?
---[5]. Gog Magog and Jerusalem,
---[6]. How will Israel respond to popular Arab Uprisings?
---[7]. Will an Isareli attack on Iran provoke the emergence of another false Mahdi?


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