Women - Shaykh Ramadan al-Buti

'Between the Tyranny of the Western System
& The Mercy of the Islamic Law
by Shaykh Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti,
Transl. by Nancy Roberts,
Revised by Anas al-Rifa'i,
**Published by Dar al-Fikr, Beirut.
(Off-mint condition, see note at the bottom).


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Despite increasing awareness of Islam throughout the Western world, there continues to be a prevailing belief among Westerners that Muslim women enjoy few, if any, genuine rights, and that whatever rights they do enjoy are the result of Western influence on the Islamic World.

In: Women Between the Tyranny of the Western System and the Mercy of the Islamic Law, Dr. al-Buti details women's rights and freedoms as provided for by Islam in the professional, social, political, religious, academic and cultural spheres. In addition, he deals in careful detail with specific questions revolving around issues such as the Qur'anic teaching on males' and females' inheritance, polygamy, husbands' treatment of their wives, divorce and the "veil". In so doing, the author presents us with a well-documented, forthright study capable of providing people in Western societies with a more accurate understanding of Islamic teachings as they pertain to women and their roles in society.



Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti was born in 1929CE near the village of  Jilka, Ba'an (Turkish Kurdistan). In 1933 he migrated to Damascus (Syria) together with his  father, Mulla Ramadan. In Damascus the Shaykh followed in his father’s footsteps as he became one of the city’s leading scholars of theology, philosophy, law and jurisprudence.

He completed his secondary studies at the Institute of Islamic Guidance, after which he joined the Faculty of Religion at al-Azhar University, receiving his degree in 1955CE. The following year, Shaykh al-Buti joined the Faculty of Arabic at al-Azhar. He was appointed as Dean in the Faculty of Religion at Damascus University in 1960, and deputed to al-Azhar University for his doctorate in usul al-fiqh.  In 1965 he was appointed as an instructor in the College of Law at Damascus University. Later, he was appointed as its Dean, then as the Chief of the Department of Tenets and Religions, and finally as the Head  of the Beliefs and Religions Department at the Faculty of Islamic Law.

Shaykh al-Buti has been an active participant in many conferences and symposia. He wasa member of the Royal Society of Islamic Civilisation Research in Amman, as well as the High Council of the Oxford Academy. He lectured regularly in the mosques of Damascus and other Syrian cities. Thousands attended his lectures, in addition to the millions that watched his weekly lectures on television.  He wrote in several newspapers and journals,  and offered religious guidance, advice and rulings to the population.


Shaykh al-Buti has written over forty books on numerous topics within his expertise. Sadly he was martyred on the 21st of  March 2013CE, along with numerous others, when a bomb exploded at the Iman mosque in Damascus during his weekly lecture.

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  • Written by: Sh. Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti

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