A Perspective on The Signs of Al Qur'an

 A Perspective on The Signs of Al Qur'an, Through The Prism Of The Heart,
[A5] Paperback - 299 pages, Back in Stock - Jan 2018,
by Saeed Malik.

Description :

The most important step that we can take as Muslims is learn to "receive" the Arabic Qur'an and let God talk to us from inside of our hearts. Guidance is from God, Al-Haadi. We bring nothing to this tryst except our thirst and willingness. God repeatedly reminds us of His attributes so that we may develop a consciousness of true Beauty and be drawn ever closer to it.

**How can we develop a consciousness of love without overcoming hatred?
**How can we discover compassion and forgiveness if no one ever wrongs us?
**How could we ever approach Unity without first knowing that every creature is the form of God's Word "Kun".

A lover is always in fear of abandonment by his or her own Beloved. When one is immersed in love there is no other place to be!

The Qur'an speaks to the loss of spirituality with passing generations; the purest, most profusely from the first generation; less radiant and less profuse in latter generations. Yes the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, are the first generation--profusely pure. They deserve the promise of God's Gaze for the devotion they found and renewed with each of many hardships. I cannot help thinking though that this "first" generation would also have room for the first generation of converts (reverts if you will) in latter periods; those who have come into Islam from the wilderness of a spiritual quest. I am deeply influenced by many in the contemporary -"first"-generation. They include such luminaries as Martin Lings, Muhammad Asad and Lex Hixon.  May God reward them for their works.---Saeed Malik.


'' Unique amongst contemporary works on the Qur'an, Saeed Malik's "Perspective on the Signs of al-Qur'an : through the prism of the heart" lives up to its title! It is clear in every page of this brilliant work that it was written from a heart-felt perspective. A must read for every student of life, love, spirituality and of course the Qur'an. ''---Usama Canon, Taleef Collective, Fremont, CA.

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