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Humanity before Religiosity
Humanity before Religiosity
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Dimensions & Isnad Bundle
Dimensions & Isnad Bundle
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Dimensions & Abu Bakr Bundle
Dimensions & Abu Bakr Bundle
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Umdat al Qari : 23 Vols, Arabic
Umdat al Qari : 23 Vols, Arabic
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Qamar Series

Qamar Islamic Studies Level 5
Qamar Islamic Studies Level 5
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Details:  Qamar Islamic Studies Textbook : Level 5, New,
*[A4] Glossy Paperback -   203 pages,
First Edition,
Edited by Mohsin Adam,
Published by Qamar Learning Academy, UK.
Part of the 'Qamar Islamic Studies' series.

Description :

"Qamar Islamic Studies Level Five Textbook" is the latest expanded edition of the popular Madrassah Syllabus series.

The Qamar Islamic Studies series provide knowledge of the most essential aspects of Islam whilst helping to bring a child's faith to life through regular practice. The books build on the foundations contained within the Qur'an and Sunnah by bringing blessed Islamic principles to life in the classroom and beyond.

Qamar covers core areas in Aqidah (tenets of faith), Fiqh (rulings), Seerah (Propehtic biographies) and Akhlaq (manners) within a simple framework which is tailored to suit the developing needs of the learner. Level Three in the series has been split into these four categories and has been colour co-ordinated accordingly :

  *** Aqidah (Belief),
  *** Fiqh (Rulings),
  *** Tarikh / Seerah (History),
  *** Akhlaq (Manners).

Qamar Islamic Studies Level Five Textbook is recommended for ages 11+. A New Workbook for Level Five is also available separately.

Table of Contents :

---The Role of Parents.

Aqidah : (Islamic Belief) :
---Lesson [1]. Aqidah,
---Lesson [2]. Tawhid,
---Lesson [3]. Shirk & Ikhlaas,
---Lesson [4]. Divinity (Al-Ilaahiyyaat),
---Lesson [5]. Belief about Prophecy,
---Lesson [6]. Eschatology (Sam'iyyaat),
---Lesson [7]. Angels,
---Lesson [8]. Companions of Rasoolullah, ﷺ,
---Lesson [9]. The Friends of Allah,

Fiqh : (Islamic Jurisprudence) : Revision from Level Four :
---Lesson [1]. The Ghusl,
---Lesson [2]. Wajib Acts in the Salah,
---Lesson [3]. Acts which break the Salah,
---Lesson [4]. Makruh Acts in Salah,
---Lesson [5]. Congregational Prayer (Jama'at),
---Lesson [6]. The Witr Prayer,
---Lesson [7]. The Jum'ah Prayer,
---Lesson [8]. The Travellers Prayer,
---Lesson [9]. The Taraweeh Prayer,
---Lesson [10]. The Eid Salah,
---Lesson [11]. The Funeral Prayer (Salat al-Janazah),
---Lesson [12]. Qadah Salah,
---Lesson [13]. Salah for the Sick,
---Lesson [14]. Sajdah al-Tilawah,
---Lesson [15]. Fasting,
---Lesson [16]. Zakat,
---Lesson [17]. Umrah Pilgrimage,
---Lesson [18]. Hajj Pilgrimage,
---Lesson [19]. Menstruation and Purity.

Seerah (Islamic History) :
---Lesson [1]. After Bani Quraydah and Hudaybiyah,
---Lesson [2]. Two Delegations, Detachments and Letters to Tribes,
---Lesson [3]. Battle of Mu'tah,
---Lesson [4]. The Conquest of the Holy CIity of Makkah,
---Lesson [5]. Tabook,
---Lesson [6]. The Farewell Pilgrimage,
---Lesson [7]. The Return of The Beloved Prophet, ﷺ, to his Lord.

Akhlaq : (Islamic Manners/Etiquette) :
---Lesson [1]. Puberty,
---Lesson [2]. A Responsible Digital Citizen, 
---Lesson [3]. Attachment to the Mosque,
---Lesson [4]. Seeking Knowledge,
---Lesson [5]. Purification of the Heart,
---Lesson [6]. Diseases of the Heart.

This Qamar Islamic Studies series is an authentic Ahl al-Sunnah Syllabus designed and published in the UK using high grade paper.

Other books in the series :

 *** Qamar Islamic Studies Level 1,
 *** Qamar Islamic Studies Level 2,
 *** Qamar Islamic Studies Level 3.
 *** Qamar Islamic Studies Level 4.
 *** Qamar Islamic Studies Level 5 Textbook, New,
 *** Qamar Islamic Studies Level 5 Workbook. New.

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*Dimensions : 24 x 17.3cm.

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