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Safar Series

Safar Year 2 Islamic Studies Textbook
Safar Year 2 Islamic Studies Textbook
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Details:  Safar Year 2 Islamic Studies Textbook - New,
*[A4] Paperback - 123 pages,
3rd Edition, 2015 Reprint,
Published by Safar Publications,
Part of the 'Safar Islamic Studies' Series!
Printed in Turkey.

Back in Stock July 2019

Description :

Islamic Studies series is that it is part of a curriculum composed of four parts, which cross-link with each other. The other three parts being Tajwid, Memorisation and Arabic.

These books have been designed for use in maktabs, madrassahs and masajids (supplementary Islamic schools) providing extra-curricular education to Muslim children who are native speakers of the English language. They can also be used for home-schooling or as general educational books and reading material for children. The books can also be used in both, a weekend based learning or a weekday based schedule.

              ''The series aims to cumulatively build children’s essential Islamic
                knowledge, cultivate good character and instill God consciousness

Elements from all core subjects are covered in this book: Qurʾanic stories, Islamic tenets of faith (ʿaqīdah), religious rulings (fiqh) and major episodes from the life of Prophet Muḥammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as well as areas of personal development, in an age-appropriate manner. All textbooks contain extensive references from the Qurʾan and aḥadīth and all stories are always built only on material from Qurʿan and hadith.

Our current primary syllabus caters for ages 5-11 (Years 1 to Year 6) and forthcoming secondary publications will cater for the ages 12-16 (Years 7-12).

We feel that Islamic education should not only be a process of absorbing knowledge, but also be an activity that leads to personal transformation and a means to attain closeness to Allāh. For this reason, we have plenty of lessons designed to help teachers focus on the spiritual and moral development of students.  The syllabus also contains experiential activities in the Schemes of Work, a Salah tracker in the workbooks as well as ample morals and lessons from Qur'anic stories that applies to life today. By using these aspects of the syllabus, a teacher can really focus on helping students practically enhance their learning and ensure students embody the and apply the content of the books

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration key,
---Note to Parents,
------Reading to your child,

Term 1,
---Essential Revision,
------Core Revision,
------Further Revision,
---Adab in the classroom,
---Names of Allah,
---Jibril teaches us Religion,
------Lessons from the Hadith of Jibril,
---Five Pillars of Islam,
---Before Prophet Adam, alayhi salam,
---Six Articles of Faith,
---Adams Creation,
---Jannah and Jahannam,
---Adam on Earth.

Term 2,
---Manners and Friends,
---Basic cleanliness,
---When and how to perform wudu,
---Prophet Nuh, alayhi salam,
---Nuh builds the Ark,
---How to perform ghusl,
---Nuh and the flood,
---The boy and the king.

Term 3,
---Prayer Times,
---'Abdul Muttalib,
---Year of the Elephant,
---Salah: two rak'ahs,
---The story of Halimah,
---Journey to Syria,
---Rebuilding the Ka'bah,
---Beginning of Revelation,
---'Umar, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, accepts Islam,
---The boycott,
---Salah : three and four rak'ahs,
---Life in Madinah.

---Syllabus Overview.

*Dimensions : 24.3 x 17.2cm.

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