Abridged Qaidah

Abridged Qaidah : New,
*[A5] Hardback -58 pages,
Compiled by Safar Publications,
'Safar Learn to Read' series,
Printed in Turkey.


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Description :

We found that most other Qa?idahs do not have any chaptering or breakdown of learning objectives. The students, and sometimes teachers, progress from one exercise to another without realising what the goals behind them were. This lack of breakdown of objective is also unhealthy for the student’s morale as they have no short-term targets to work towards and can lose motivation.

In this abridged version of our Complete Q??idah we have kept most of the unique strengths of the Complete Q??idah and presented it in a shorter and smaller size. Click on images below for sample pages.

  *** Hardback bound,
  *** Sharper text,
  *** Full Colour on High Grade Paper,
  *** Split Sections to Easily Follow Progress.

 The Safar 'Abridged Qa'idah' is part of the Safar Learn to Read series.

Table of Contents :


---Level [1].
------The Alphabet,

---Level [2]. Letter Recognition,
------Mixed Alphabet,
------Assorted Letters,
------Identity Map,
------Assorted Joined Letters.

---Level [3]. Fluency in Spelling Words,
------Whole Word Exercises,

---Level [4]. Advanced Letter Recognition,
------Difference between KafLam and Alif,
------Advanced Identity Map,
------Word Diagrams,
------Mixed Exercise.

---Level [5]. Harakahs,
-------Advanced Pronunciation Practice,
-------Similar Letters,

---Level [6]. Stretched Harakahs,
-------Fathah followed by a Joining Alif,
-------Kasrah followed by a Joining Ya,
-------Dammah followed by a Joining Waw,
-------Standing Fathah,
-------Standing Kasrah,
-------Inverted Dammah,
-------Mixed Exercise,
-------Lin : Fathah followed by Joining Waw,
-------Lin : Fathah followed by a Joining Ya,
-------Mixed Exercise,

---Level [7]. Joining Letters

---Level [8]. Madd,

---Level [9]. Special Cases,
------Silent Letters,
------Silent Alif in "Ana"
------Silent Alif with a circle,
------The Openers,
------Joining Nun,
------Sukun followed by Shaddah.

---Level [10]. Fluency in Three Words,
------Two Word Exercise,
------Three Word Exercise,

---Level [11]. Stopping,
------Stopping on Fathahtayn,
------Stopping on round Ta and Ha,
------All other Stops,
------Four Word Exercise.
------Four Word Exercise with Stopping Symbols,

---Level [13]. Fluency in one line or verse,
------One line or verse Exercise.

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