Al-Fiqh al-Hayaat : Wbk 3 Charity

Fiqh al-Hayaat : The Fiqh of Life,
Workbook 3 - Charity, New,
*[A4+] Large Paperback -  122 pages,
Foreword by Shaykh Habib-ur-Rahman al-Mahboobi,
by Allama Mawlana Naveed Sialvi,
Published by Suffa tul Islam, UK.

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Description :

Fiqh al-Hayaat [3] Kitaab al-Zakaat, Charity :  This is by the grace of Allah Almighty the third book in the Fiqh al-Hayaat Series. With Zakah being the third Pillar of Islam it made sense to contine the series with this topic, alhamdulillah.    

Kitab az-Zakah is sometimes viewed as a dry and serious topic in fiqh and one with limted content. There may also be a presumption that it is an area of fiqh specifically for 'grown ups' due to the financial responsibility aspect.

Kitab az-Zakah, then, is not just the average fiqh manual with rulings pertaining to the third pillar of Islam. Rather it is a comprehensive, modern and even enjoyable workbook containing the traditional rulings, as well as up-to-date issues which will be very relevant in the current era. Traditional topics include, amongst many others, the obligation, reason and definition of Zakah, as well as what types of wealth incur Zakah and who is liable to pay it. Some of the modern concepts include a whole section on 'Money Advice' and a few priceless lessons on the benefits, spirit and etiquette of receiving Zakah.


Another valuable aspect of this book is the section with practice calculations, we really hope this section, and all the extras that have been added, will serve the function of bringing deeper spiritual understanding to this Pillar of our faith and give  it a relevance that will allow us to carry out the duty of Zakah in a fully informed, willing and joyfully obedient manner, in sha Allah.




Table of Contents :

---Foreword - Fadhilat ash Shaykh Muhammad Habib ur Rahman al-Mahboobi,
---Foreword - Allama Muhammad 'Imran ul Hasan Farooqi,
---A Note about the Title,
---Preface; H.B. Sahibzada.

---Lesson [1]. The wisdom of Zakah,
---Lesson [2]. The harm of neglecting Zakah,
---Lesson [3]. The meaning and definition of Zakah,
---Lesson [4]. The meaning and definition of Zakah continued,
---Lesson [5]. Who must pay Zakah?
---Lesson [6]. Conditions of Nisab,
---Lesson [7]. The condition of paying Zakah,
---Lesson [8]. Types of wealth on which Zakah must be paid,
------------------A note about Zakah of houses, shops, apartments & building plots,
---Lesson [9]. The nisab of gold and silver,
------------------A note about Zakah of precious stones,
---Lesson [10]. Zakah of livestock,
---Lesson [11]. Zakah of trade merchandise,
---Lesson [12]. Zakah of crops and fruit, 
---Lesson [13]. Zakah of treasure troves,
---Lesson [14]. Zakah of debts and loans,
---Lesson [15]. Zakah of lost property,
---Lesson [16]. What is not considered Zakah?
---Lesson [17]. What can be paid as Zakah of gold and silver?
---Lesson [18]. Increase and decrease during the year,
---Lesson [19]. Appreciation and depreciation during the year,
---Lesson [20]. Lost or destroyed wealth,
-------------------A du'a for freedom from debt,
---Lesson [21]. Taking Zakah by force or from inheritance,
---Lesson [22]. Using heelah to remove the obligation of Zakah,
---Lesson [23]. The masaarif of Zakah - where to spend it,
---Lesson [24]. Who would you not give Zakah to ?
---Lesson [25]. Making the recipient wealthy,
---Lesson [26]. Transferring Zakah from one place to another,
-------------------A note about giving Zakah to organisations,
---Lesson [27]. Priority in paying Zakah,
---Lesson [28]. Sadaqat al-Fitr,
---Lesson [29]. The condition that makes Sadaqat al-Fitr compulsory,
---Lesson [30]. Who is responsible for paying Sadaqat al-Fitr?
---Lesson [31]. How much is Sadaqat al-Fitr ?
---Lesson [32]. When does Sadaqat al-Fitr become wajib ?
---Lesson [33]. How to allocate Sadaqat al-Fitr ?
-------------------A note about crypto-currencies,
---Lesson [34]. The benefits of Zakah,
---Lesson [35]. The spirit of Zakah,
---Lesson [36]. The etiquette of receiving Zakah.

Section : Money Advice -
---Lesson [37]. Some advice about money,
---Lesson [38]. Is it wrong to be rich ?
---Lesson [39]. Saving,
---Lesson [40]. Why is interest haraam ?
---Lesson [41]. Borrowing money,
---Lesson [42]. Extravagance and waste.

---End Word.

Section : Practice Calculations.

Section : Appendices,
---Appendix A : The magistrate Imam Abu Yusuf, rahimahullah,
---Appendix B : Imam Muhammad, rahimahullah,
---Appendix C : Did Imam Abu Yusuf, rahimahullah, permit Zakah avoidance ?





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