My Salah Book : IBEQ

My Salah Book : New,
" An Illustrated Guide to Prayer "
Incl. Arabic text, Translation & Transliteration,
*[A5] Perfectly Bound Paperback - 46 pages,
by IBEQ.

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Description :

This fully illustrated guide to prayer has been designed with young readers in mind. With step by step instructions, a wide variety of prayer components have been described in easy to understand, clear and modern English, making it an ideal buy for new Muslims, anyone learning to pray and Fiqh students who need a brilliant revision guide. Contains, step by step instructions with Arabic, English translation and transliteration.

Based on Hanafi Fiqh, 'My Salah Book' also covers :

   *** Kalimat | Wudhu | Tayammum,
   *** Adhaan,
   *** Complete Salah (Hanafi Madhhab),
   *** Performing Salah on a Chair (for the elderly/disabled),
   *** Funeral prayer (Salat ul-Janazah),
   *** Jum'ah and Eid Salah,
   *** Salat al-Tasbeeh,
   *** Traveller prayer (Qasr Salah),
   *** How to Pray in a Jama'at (Congreagation),

– and much more!

Reviews :

      “My Salah Book is the world’s first visual prayer book – a fantastic
       necessity for everyone seeking the key aspects of Salah.”
                                                                  – University student, Bradford.

      “A must have for children & grown-ups alike. Every Muslim household
       should have one.”                            – Madrassah teacher, Huddersfield.

About IBEQ : The Islamic Board of Education and Qualification (IBEQ) is an examination and education body. They provide vital resources for students based on an Islamic curriculum, contemporary teacher training programs and high quality publications. IBEQ are Alhamdulilah, Ahl al Sunnah w'al Jama'ah.




Highly Recommended !!!




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*Dimensions : 21 x 15cm.

Made with High Grade Glossy Card Paper!











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