Lets Learn about Wudu, Ghusl and Salah

 Lets Learn about Wudu, Ghusl and Salah : NEW,
[A6] Paperback - 78 pages,
by Asim Uysal,
English Translation by: Joseph Shamis,
Published by Erkam Publications.

Description :

This colourfully illustrated book teaches us about the basics of our religion Islam. First of all before learning about worship, it explains who is our Lord and what we have to do to please Him and the Pillars of our Deen. Duties (Fardh) are also detailed and explained regarding what a Muslim must do to please our Lord, Allah.

Further explanations and information is also provided about the actions of worship (Ablutions – Ghusl and Prayer) and the way to accomplish them.

Table of Contents :

---Basmallah, In the Name of God ...
---Religious Knowledge Through Questions and Answers.

---[1]. 32 Fards,
------a. The Conditions before Salah (prayer),
------b. The Conditions during Salah (prayer),

---[2]. Cleanliness for the Bathroom,

---[3]. Wudu’ (Ablution), with clear pictures,
------The Fards of Wudu,
------The Sunnahs of Wudu,
------Things that nullify Wudu,

---[4]. Tayammum (Dry Ablution), with clear pictures,
------The Fards of Tayammum,
------The conditions that make Tayammum necessary,

---[5]. Ghusl (full Bath),
------Performing Ghusl according to the Fards, Sunnahs and Adab (proper etiquette),
------The Sunnahs of Ghusl,
------The Benefits of Ghusl,
------Conditions making Ghusl necessary,
------Things that are Haram (forbidden) for someone in a state of greater ritual impurity,
------Special matters related to Women,

---[6]. The Adhan (Call to Prayer),
------The Complete Adhan with Translation & Transliteration,
------Story : What does Allah want from Us ?
------The Prayer (Salat) is not Set in the Desert.

---[7]. The Prayer (Salah),
------Punishment for not Praying (hadith),
------The Times and Numbers of the Five Daily Prayers,
------Times in which it is Makruh to Pray.

---[8]. How to Pray the Sunnah Prayer for Salat al-Fajr, with clear photos,
------The Takbir,
------Qiyam (standing) and Qira'ah (reciting),
------Bowing (Ruku'),
------Prostration (Sajdah),
------The second Rak'ah (cycle),
------Standing and reciting in the second Rak'ah,
------The sitting position (Tahiyyat),
------The Du'a (supplication) and Tasbih (repetitive dhikr) after the Prayer,
------A general Du'a after the Prayer.

---[9]. How to pray Salat al-Zuhr,
------The first Sunnah for Salat al-Zuhr,
------The Fard for Salat al-Zuhr,
------The final Sunnah prayer for Salat al-Zuhr.

---[10]. How to pray Salat al-'Asr,
------The Sunnah prayer for Salat al-'Asr,
------The Fard prayer for Salat al-'Asr.

---[11]. How to pray Salat al-Maghrib,
------Salat al-Maghrib is five rak'ahs,
------The Fard for Salat al-Maghrib,
------The Sunnah for Salat al-Maghrib.

---[12]. How to pray Salat al-'Isha,
------Salat al-'Isha,
------The first Sunnah for Salat al-'Isha,
------The Fard for Salat al-'Isha,
------The final Sunnah for Salat al-'Isha.

---[13]. Salat al-Witr,
------Salat al-Witr is three rak'ahs,
------How to pray the three Rak'ahs of Salat al-Witr.

---[14]. The Fards of the Prayer,
------Things that nullify the Prayer.

---[15]. Sajdah al-Sahw (Prostration of Forgetfulness),
------How to perform the Sajdah al-Sahw,

---[16]. A Surah to be read After Salat al-Fajr,
------A Surah to be read After Salat al-'Isha,
------Ruling about Praying in Congregation (Jama'at).

---[17]. Different Prayers besides the Five Daily Prayers,
------Salat al-Jum'ah,
------Conditions for Sala al-Jum'ah to be Fard,
------Conditions for Salat al-Jum'ah to be Sahih (valid),
------Salat al-'Id,
------Salat al-Musafir (Traveller's Prayer).

---[18]. The Door to Islam :
------Al-Kalimat at-Tawhid and its Explanation,
------Al-Kalimat at-Tawhid ash-Shahadah,
------Faith in Allah,
------Allah's Attributes (Sifat),
-------A. As-Sifat adh Dhati,
-------B. As-Sifat ath-Thabuti,
------Questions Related to Allah's Attributes,
------Allah is The Creator of Everything,
------Our Duties to Allah,
------Story: The scholar who said 'Allah does not exist' & the response of Imam Abu Hanifa,

---[19]. Belief in the Angels (mala'ik),
------The Duties of the four great Angels,
------Some other Angels and their Duties,
------Story : How can Azrail kill thousands of people at the same time?

---[20]. Belief in the Scriptures (Kutub),
------The Great Books are Four.

---[21]. Belief in the Prophets,
------The number of the Prophets,
------Prophets mentioned by Name in the Qur'an,
------Mu'jizah (miracle).

---[22]. Belief in the Hereafter (al-Akhirah),
------Yawm al-akhira (The Last Day),
------Hayat al-Qabr (Life in the Grave),
------Jannah (Paradise),
------Jahannam (Hell),
------The Book of Deeds,
------Hasab (Reckoning),
------al-Mizan (The Balance),
------as-Sirat (The Narrow Bridge),
------Story: The Story of the Bringing to Life of Four Birds,

---[23]. Belief in Qadar and Qada,
------Description of Qadar,
------Description of Qada,
------The Deeds of People and their accountability for them,

---[24]. Khayr and Sharr (Good and Bad/Evil),
------Khayr (Good),
------Sharr (Bad/Evil),
------The wisdom of the Creation of Sharr,
------Our situation with respect to khayr and sharr,

---[25]. Readings of Surah's for the Salah (Prayer), with Translation & Transliteration,
------Allahumma Salli,
------Allahumma Barik,
------Qunut Dua's,
------Surah an-Nas,
------Surah al-Falaq,
------Surah al-Ikhlas,
------Surah al-Masad,
------Ayat al-Kursi,
------Surah al-Fatihah,
------Surah al-Quraysh,
------Surah al-Fil,
------Surah an-Nasr,
------Surah al-Kafirun,
------Surah al-Kawthar,
------Surah al-Ma'un.

Printed on good quality cream matt paper !

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