My Beautiful Religion : Maliki School

 My Beautiful Religion - According to the Maliki School, NEW,
*[A4+] Large Paperback - 246 pages,
Compiled by : Faruk Salman, Nazif Yilmaz & Recep Ozdirek,
Published by Erkam Publishing, Turkey,
Part of the '' I am Learning My Worskshop'' Series.

Description :

This is a beautiful, rich and comprehensive reader-friendly primer for young adults on ritual purity and prayer according to the Maliki School. It is beautiful in its design, alternating its clear topical presentations with multifaceted quizzes that ensure one reads and re-reads the material, and colourful narratives that enliven it as well as give it human depth.

It is rich because it provides young wayfarers with all the necessary wares for a safe, successful journey from this world to our Maker through the salutary and salvific acts and words that frame our true identity  servanthood. Finally, it is comprehensive in that it covers the gamut of essential issues in Tahara and Salat with the same scrupulously accurate and exhaustive concern of the concise classics of bygone times, all in the most accessible contemporary idiom.

Extract from the Foreword :

'' Our task is to transmit the supreme messages of our religion, which encompasses all ages, in the best way. Our work that we have begun with this purpose has given the first of its fruits, many thanks to Allah the Exalted. When preparing this book, which is God’s blessing, we benefited from reviewing previously written books about the subject. We wanted to present a different taste of knowledge from our hearts. In this work which we prepared for that purpose, we considered the following issues'' :

   *** In order to facilitate reading about our beautiful religion with keen
          interest, we started each topic with a story.

   *** In order to stress the verses from the Qur'an, the most important
          source of our religion, and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad,
          may Allah bless him
and grant him peace, they are presented
          in frames.

   *** None of the commands and prohibitions of our beautiful religion
          is purposeless. There are very nice points in each one of them.
          Knowing their wisdom & benefits will lead us to like the commands
          that we perform and do them more consciously. For this reason,
          we mentioned the positive contributions of each type of worship
          to us, and the wisdom and benefits of their being commanded.

   *** In order for you to better understand the topics, we used the
          “Question and Answer”method in many places.

   *** Since we know that you like pictures, we supported the text with
          images and animations.

   *** We tried to bring sweet evocations of our Prophet, may Allah
          bless him
and grant him peace, his loyal Companions & friends,
          and prominent figures in Islam into your hearts.

   *** Wherever appropriate, we explained the information with tables
          and with graphs.

   *** We included questions for you check your knowledge at the end of
          each chapter.

   *** We included prayers from our beloved Prophet, may Allah bless
and grant him peace, as well for you to open up your hands
          to pray by raising them to the heavens.

*Dimensions : 27.5 x 19.6 x 1.2cm.

Part of the '' I am Learning My Worskshop'' Series.                    Highly Recommended!

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