Islamic Studies for Boys : Part 3

Islamic Studies for Boys : Part 3,
(Bi-lingual) English/Urdu,
*[A5] Paperback - 284 pages,
by Allama M. Din Sialvi,
English translation by Hafiz Athar Hussain al-Azhari,
Published by Al-Hira.


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A Complete Course of Islamic Studies for Boys - Part 3. In English and Urdu.

Contains exercises at the end of each section.

Table of Contents


---Islamic Beliefs,
---The Day of Judgement,
---The Signs of the Day of Judgement,
---Paradise and Hell,

---Purification - Tahara,
---Nijaasah (Impurity),
---Sunan e Fitrat (The Natural Practices),
---Wudhu (Ablution),







---Prayer - (Salah),
---The Arkaan (Pillars) of Salah,
---The Wajibs of Prayer,
---The Sunans of Salah,
---The Mustahabbaat of Salah,
---The Mufsidaat and Makruhaat of Prayer,
---Salah with Jama'at (Congregational Prayer),

---The Prayer of the late-comer (Masbooq),

---Salat al-Taraweeh (The Ramadan Night Time Prayer),
---Fasting (Sawm),
---I'tikaf (Seclusion),
---Zakah (Alms-due/Charity),
---Sadaqat al-Fitr (The Eid Alms).

---Our Prophet, ?, The Most Beloved of Prophets,
---The Construction of the Prophet's, ?, Mosque,


---Mu'aakhat Madina (The Brotherhood of Madina),


---Year 1 (after Hijra) Important Events,
---Jihad and the Battles,
---The Battle of Badr,
---Other Important Events from 2 AH,
---The Battle of Uhud,
---Introduction of the Jews and Hypocrites,
---Other Important Events from 3 AH,
---Events from 4 AH,
---The Battle of Kandaq (Trench),
---Other Important Events from 5 AH,
---The Treaty of Hudaibiyya,
---Letters to the International Leaders,
---The Conquest of Khaybar,
---Other Important Events from 7 AH,
---The Conquest of Makkah,
---Other Important Events from 8 AH,
---The Battle of Tabuk,
---Other Important Events from 9 AH,
---The Farewell Hajj (Hajj at al-Wida),
---The Prophets' ?, departure from this world,
---Rights and Responsibilities,

---The Rights of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, and our Responsibilities,
---The Rights of the Beloved Prophet, ?, & our Responsibilities,
---The Rights of the Holy Qur'an,
---Serving and Obeying Our Parents,

---Respect for Teachers,
---Looking after the Orphans,
---Boycotting of Relatives,
---Good Treatment of Relatives,
---The Rights of Neighbours,
---The Duties of the Husband and the Rights of the Wife,
---The Duties of the Wife and the Rights of the Husband,
---The Responsibilities of the Muslim in a Multi-Cultural Society.

---Lying and False Testimonies,

Also see : Islamic Studies - Boys and Girls.



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  • Written by: Allama Muhammad Din Sialvi

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