Hifz : Book 5

 Hifz : Book 5,
*[A4] Paperback - 38 pages,
by. I.E.O.S.A.
Islamic Educational Organisation of South Africa.

Description :

In order to be a true Muslim and to seek the pleasure of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, it is necessary to acquire the proper knowledge of the beliefs and actions of Islam, not to have any doubts whatsoever about the beliefs and actions; and to live according to those beliefs and diligently practise upon the actions.

The presentation, layout and language has been kept concise and simple for ease of reference. Important points in each lesson are outlined with a block and lightly shaded.

Each topic is followed by questions to assist the learner to recap and ponder over what has been learnt. In some instances, Pupil Activity is also included.

Book Five Contents :

---[1]. Surah's

---[2]. Du'ass,
---after Salaah,
---when visiting a sick person,

---[3]. Janazah Salaah & Du'ass pertaining to Burial,
---Niyyah for Janazah Salaah,
---First Takbeer: Thana,
---Second Takbeer: Durood-e-Ibraheem,
---Third Takbeer: Du'aa for Janazah (Adult),
---Third Takbeer: Du'aa for Janazah (Boy),
---Third Takbeer: Du'aa for Janazah (Girl),
---Fourth Takbeer: Salaam or Tasleem,
---When entering the graveyard,
---When laying the deceased to rest in the grave,
---When filling the grave with soil,
---After Burial: For Males
---After Burial: For Females,
---Niyyah for Jum'ah Salaah,
---Niyyah for 'Eid ul-Fitr,
---Niyyah for 'Eid ul-Adhaa,
---Niyyah for Taraweeh Salaah.

---[4]. Test your Knowledge so far.

---[5]. Asma ul Husna.

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  • Written by: Islamic Edu. Org. S.Africa.

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