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What no Eye has Seen
What no Eye has Seen
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  • Authored by: Sh. Muhammad al-Alawi al-Maliki

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Details: † What no Eye has Seen : An Exposition of Paradise, Ma la ĎAyn Raat -
*[A5] Paperback - 102 pages,
Written by Sayyad Muhammad 'Alawi al-Makki,
English translation & footnotes by Sayyad Arfan Shah,
Published by Islamic Information Society, UK.

Description : †

Ma la ĎAyn Raat
 - An Exposition of Paradise !

This is a translation of Ma la ĎAyn Raat which explains everything that you ever wanted to know about Paradise, (al-Jannah) in one book.

It is extremely rare that a text is written, on this subject, with this conciseness. The author speaks about different aspects of Paradise beginning with the amount of gates leading into Paradise and how to get there. The title of this treatise is taken from the Hadith as reported by Bukhari and Muslim :

††††††††††††† ''Allah Almighty said ; 'I have prepared for my righteous servants
††††††††††††††† what no eye has seen, no ear heard and what has not occurred
† † † † † † † † to the Human heart.

The mind boggles about the unimaginable delights awaiting those who enter Paradise. We can but imagine this great divine blessing but with this text now we can understand its description.

The Author : Shaykh Sayyad Muhammad 'Alawi al-Makki al-Hassani, [d.2004], Rahmatullahi 'alayhi, was the Imam of the scared cities of Makkah and Madinah. He wrote many books, some of which were also recently translated into English; Notions that should be Corrected and the Prophets Night Journey [al-Isra w'al Miraj] !

Table of Contents :

---Translators Introduction,
---Authors Introduction.

---[1]. Gates of Paradise,
---[2]. Blessed Paradise,
---[3]. Levels and Order,
---[4]. Portrayal of the Gates of Paradise,
---[5]. The Ground of Paradise, it's Soil and Gravel,
---[6]. The Chambers of Paradise and it's Palaces,
---[7]. The Aroma of Paradise,
---[8]. The Trees of Paradise and its Shade,
---[9]. Description of the Fruits of Paradise, its Food and People,
---[10]. The Rivers of Paradise,
---[11]. The Clothing of the Residents of Paradise, its Crowns, Furniture, Couches and Beds,
---[12]. Depiction of the Spouses of Paradise,
---[13]. Sounds that the Residents of Paradise Hear and the Odes of the Maidens,
---[14]. The Blessings of the Residents of Paradise,
---[15]. The Population of Paradise and their States,
---[16]. The Residents of Paradise,
---[17]. The Visitation of the Residents of Paradise to their Lord,
---[18]. The Market of Paradise,
---[19]. Eternity for the Residents of Paradise,
---[20]. The First of Those who Enter Paradise & the Last to Enter,
---[21]. Conclusion,
----------Mention of the Prophetic Closeness in Paradise.

*Contains extensive footnotes.

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