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Method of Funeral Salah
Method of Funeral Salah
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  • Authored by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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Details: Method of Funeral Salah :
Booklet - 20 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri,
Published by Dawate Islami, Pakistan.

Description :

This is the first English translation of the popular urdu book Namaz e Janazah ka Tariqa, the 'Method of Performing the Funeral Prayer' (Salaah), by the Amir of Dawate Islami, Shaykh Muhammad Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri al-Razawi.

Table of Contents :

---I. Dua for Reading the Book,
---II. Transliteration Chart,
---III. Excellence of Durūd Sharīf.

The Funeral Salaah,
---Virtue of Participating in the Funeral Salah of a Wali (saint),
---The Forgiveness of the Devotees,
---The Shroud Thief (Kaffan ka Chor),
---Forgiveness of Funeral Participants,
---The First Gift (reward) in the Grave,
---The Funeral (janazah) of a Heavenly Person,
---Sawab (reward) of accompanying the funeral,
---Sawab equivalent to Mount Uhud,
---The Funeral Salah has Admonition,
---Excellence of giving ritual bath (ghusl) etc. to the Corpse,
---What to Recite upon seeing a Funeral!
---The Funeral Salah is Fard-e-Kifayah,
---There are two Units and three Sunnah in the Funeral Prayer.

---Method of Funeral Salah (according to the Hanafi school),
------Supplication for Funeral of Adults (Men and Women),
------Dua for a Minor (male),
------Dua for a Minor (female),
------To offer Funeral Salah whilst standing upon shoes,
------Funeral Salah in absentia,
------Method of offering joint Salah for more than one Funeral,
------How many Rows (saffs) should be in a Funeral Salah?

---Some Questions of (fiqh) Islamic Jursipridence,
------If one missed some part of Congregational Funeral Salah, then ..........
------Funeral of an Insane person or the one who committed Suicide,
------Rulings pertaining to a dead Infant,
------Sawab of carrying the Funeral on shoulders,
------Method of shouldering the Funeral,
------Method of carrying the Funeral of a Child,
------Rulings of Returning after the Funeral Salah,
------Can a husband carry the Funeral (Janazah) of his Wife?
------Funeral of a disbeliever (non-Muslim),
------When the Nikah (Marriage) became null and Void!
------Do not visit a Sick person who is a Disbeliever,
------Make the following announcement before the Funeral of an Adult.

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