Sex and Sex Education

 Sex and Sex Education -
What do we tell our Children
[A4] Paperback - 61 pages,
by Hisham Al-Talib,
by Abdulhamid Abu Sulayman
& Omar Al-Talib,
Published by I.I.I.T.
(International Institute of Islamic Thought).

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DescriptionWhat are our Children being Taught about Sex?

What are they learning from peers, television, movies, magazines, computer games, pop music, popular culture? Most parents are rightly alarmed by the increasingly controversial nature of the information being fed to children and how age-appropriate it actually is. This publication makes it easy for parents to understand and broach the sensitive topic of sex education. 

Originally forming chapter thirteen of Parent-Child Relations: A Guide to Raising Children, it charts a way forward, helping parents to educate their children in a manner they feel appropriate and which maintains a sense of the sacred.

The authors use a holistic approach to include what morality requires of humanity in this regard, and also focus on issues of healthy relationships, responsibility, emotional wellbeing, and good physical health. The publication is intended to give parents practical advice, using clear and precise information, to address some of the most common issues parents are likely to encounter and questions they are likely to face.

Table of Contents :

---Parents-Child Relations : A Guide to Raising Children,
---Aims and Objectives,

Sex and Sex Education : What do we tell our Children ?
---What is Sex Education,
---The American Scene,
---Perceptions of Mothers and Daughters in the USA,
---Values and Sex : Today and Yesterday,
---Why Sex Education ? Should we teach it ?
---What to Teach Children ?
---Sex Abuse! How Serious is it ?
---Abrahamic traditions forbid fornification and adultery,
---The rationale behind the legal punishment of adultery and fornification,
---Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),
---Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relations,
---Children having Children : Abortion and Adoption in Islam,
------Adoption in Islam,
---Homosexuality and Parents,
---Islamic Sex-Education,
---Parents' Duty towards Children,
---Sex and Hygiene: Menstruation, Pubic Hair, Circumcision, Seminal Fluid,
---Teenagers and Abstention,
---The Islamic solution to the Sexual Dilemma: A road map for a preventative approach,
------Modesty (haya),
------Dress Code,
------No Free Mixing and No Khalwah,
------Peer Pressure and other factors,
------What to Do?
------Early Marriage,
---The Dilemma of the Educational System vs. Early Marriage,
---Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse by Adults,
------Age Appropriate Children be made aware about Prostitution,
------When one's Child is a victim of Incest or Rape,
---A Curriculum for Islamic Sex Education,
---Activities 1-2.


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