Parents : An Islamic Perspective

Parents : An Islamic Perspective, New,
*[A5] Paperback - 54 pages,
by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadiri,
Translated by Tariq Mehmood &
by Naveed Haqqani,
Published by Suffah Foundation.

Description :

Allah Most High, in various places in the Noble Qur'an, has said regarding the rights of one's parents to include respect, honour, doing well with them, obedience and serving them. In verses 23 to 25 Surah al-Isra', Allah, along with His worship, has instructed us to respect and honour our parents.

"And your Lord has commanded not to worship anyone else except Him and to do good to your parents. If either or both of them reach old age before you, utter not even a faint cry to them and chide them not and speak to them with respect, and keep bowing before them with humility and a tender heart and pray, "

"O, my Lord! Have mercy on these both as they have raised me from infancy. Your Lord knows well what is in your hearts, if you are righteous, then no doubt, He is Forgiving to those who repent."

Table of Contents :

---About Suffah Foundation,

---[1]. Some Qur'anic Instructions about Parents,
-------Allah Almighty does not accept one's thanks without the thanks of his Parents,
-------Two golden principles of Islam,
-------How can I let a defiled father sit on the Prophet's, ﷺ, sheet,
-------Eight injunctions contained within the Qur'an,
-------The order of good behaviour after Allah's worship,
-------The biggest sin after shirk (polytheism),

---[2]. The Sayings of the Prophet, ﷺ, on the statusĀ  & respect of Parents,
--------Sayings of the Prophet, ﷺ, about Parents respect and status,
--------For the pleasure of Allah, Parents must be pleased,
--------Fathers obedience is Allah's obedience,
--------Parents are a means to paradise for their children,
--------Paradise is under the Mothers feet,
--------Prophet Musa's, alayhi salam, companionship in paradise,
--------Father is a big door of paradise,
--------Looking at parents is equal to an accepted Hajj,
--------Parents' Prayer is accepted,
--------Progeny's wealth belongs to parents,
--------Parents' financial assistance,
--------Father's right in son's wealth,
--------Don't walk ahead of parents,
--------A Mother has more right,
--------An exemplary dialogue,
--------Regard for Mother's Motherhood,
--------Regard for Mother's request,
--------Mother's respect,
--------Good behaviour with Mother,
--------Good behaviour with Foster-Mother,
--------Progeny of one who does well to his Parents, cannot expect the same,
--------Serving Parents is superior to war,
--------Keeping Parents happy is superior to Jihad.
--------Making Parents weep has been disapproved,
--------Owais al-Qarni, radi Allahu anhu, at his Mother's service,
--------Glad tidings of paradise to those who keep Parents Happy,
--------Blessing in age of one who serves,
--------Moving of a rock due to 'Blessing of Parents' service,
--------Rights of Parents' - not a single moment can be repaid,
--------Non-Muslim Parents and Prayer,
--------Abu Hurayrah, radi Allahu anhu, and his Mother's respect,
--------Prayer for Mother,
--------Performing Hajj after Mothers passing away,
--------To pay Parents' debts,
--------Worry about Parents' debts,
--------One who was to perform good actions towards Parents'
--------Performing Hajj for Parents and paying their debts,
--------The reward of ten Hajj,
--------Charity on Parents' behalf,
--------The aftermath of disobedient children; In light of Ahadith,
--------The disobedient is deprived the fragrance of Paradise,
--------Parents disobedience is the biggest sin,
--------The disobedient will not receive Allah Almighty's blessings,
--------The disobedient will not enter Paradise,
--------No prayer of the disobedient will be accepted,
--------A disobedient person became an atheist,
--------The effect of a Mother's curse on a very pious man,
--------A disobedient person becomes grief stricken,
--------Severe torment on the one who murders ones Parents,
--------Punishment of Parents disobedience is given in this world,
--------Abusing Parents is a mortal sin,
--------A disobedient person unable to recite the Kalima at the time of death,
--------The incident regarding Alqamah ibn Qays,
--------Body deforming like a donkey,
--------The types of good behaviour after Parents' demise,
--------Supplicating and the Mercy of Allah Almighty,
--------Praying for deliverance is a kind of good behaviour,
--------Praying and Fasting for conveying reward to Parents,
--------Hajj on behalf of deceased Parents,
--------Performing Hajj or Umrah on behalf of Parents,
--------A good act is recorded,
--------Fulfilling Parents' vows and wills,
--------Behaviour with the friends of your Parents,
--------The conduct of the Noble Companions,
--------Good behaviour with Paternal and Maternal relatives,
--------Visiting the Parents' graves,
--------Revocation of a misunderstanding,
--------The counsel of Abu Dardah, radi Allahu anhu.

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  • Written by: Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri

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