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Poisons of Intoxication
Poisons of Intoxication
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Details:  Poisons of Intoxication : New,
*[A5] Paperback Booklet - 61 pages,
by Taufiq Ahsan Barkati,
Foreword by Mawlana Shakir Noorie,
Translated by Salim Noorie,
Published by Idarah Ma'arif e Islami,
C/O Sunni Dawat e Islami, India.

Forthcoming February 2019

Description :

In the current era, intoxicants and intoxication has become a worldwide issue and the efforts which should be made to eradicate them are not being made. As a result of this, the poisonous effect of intoxicants and intoxication has taken communities to the brink of destruction.

Generations of people are falling into the trap of intoxicants and do not even realise the devastating ill-effects of them. Wealthy nations have been brought to their knees. They have become centres of crime where there is no restriction on buying, selling or using alcohol and other intoxicants. The laws of countries do forbid certain intoxicants and where that is the case, smuggling takes place and the products manage to enter the country.

We have to ponder and try to understand why people go towards intoxicants. After pondering, it will become evident what the major reasons are.

Table of Contents :


---Things which cause Intoxication : Islamic Viewpoint,
---Evils of Intoxication in Light of Ahadith,
------Personal Damage,
------Damage to Family,
------General Damage,
------An Important Incident,
---Some Islamic Rulings regarding Intoxicants,
------1. Question and Answer,
------2. Question and Answer,
------3. Question and Answer,
---Warnings against Intoxicants,
------Opium Poppy Seed,
------Cannabis Plant,
------Alcohol beverages,
---A dangerous Intoxicant - MDMA,
---Common Intoxicants and adverse Health Effects,
---------How it is used,
---------Risk of Hepatitis and Aids,
---------Heroin and the Law,
---------How it is used,
---------Hemp and the Law,
---------How it is used,
---------Ketamine the Law,
------Abuse of Cough Medicine,
---------How it is used,
---------Codeine and the Law,
---------How it is used,
---------Methamphetamine and the Law,
---------How it is used,
---------Cocaine and the Law,
------Trizolin : Midazolam,
---------How they are used,
---------Trizolin and the Law,
---Summary of Damage caused by Intoxicating Drugs,
---Spread of Drugs,
------The effects of widespread drug use,
---Important cause of increased Drug use,
---Worldwide market for Intoxicants,
------The Opium Wars,
------The Spread of Intoxicants through Smuggling,
---How to avoid Drugs and Intoxicants.


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*Dimensions : 21.3 x 13.8cm.

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