Evolution Deceit

 The Evolution Deceit :
The Scientific Collapse of Darwinism
& its Ideological Background
[A5+] Paperback 278 pages,
*by Harun Yahya.

Description :

This latest book on Evolution Deceit, is the 8th Edition and has been Revised, Updated and Expanded with over 100 Colour photographs.

Why the Theory of Evolution? For some people the theory of evolution or Darwinism has only scientific connotations, with seemingly no direct implication in their daily lives. This is, of course, a common misunderstanding. Far beyond just being an issue within the framework of the biological sciences, the theory of evolution constitutes the underpinning of a deceptive philosophy that has held sway over a large number of people: Materialism.

Materialist philosophy, which accepts only the existence of matter and presupposes man to be ‘a heap of matter’, asserts that he is no more than an animal, with ‘conflict’ the sole rule of his existence. Although propagated as a modern philosophy based on science, materialism is in fact an ancient dogma with no scientific basis. Conceived in Ancient Greece, the dogma was rediscovered by the atheistic philosophers of the 18th century. It was then implanted in the 19th century into several science disciplines by thinkers such as Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud. In other words science was distorted to make room for materialism.

Modern scientific discoveries reveal over and over again that the popular belief associating Darwinism with science is false. Scientific evidence refutes Darwinism comprehensively and reveals that the origin of our existence is not evolution but creation. God has created the universe, all living things and man. This book has been written to make this fact known to people. Since its first publication, originally in Turkey and then in many other countries, millions of people have read and appreciated the book.

*Note about the Author :

Harun Yahya of Turkey was amongst the first pioneers of Islamic Dawah literature. His researched material was well presented and sought after in a limited range of available books. Unfortunately in the present era his focus has changed and he has become involved in a cult and we do not recommend any of his later publications.

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