Islamic Perspectives on Science

 Islamic Perspectives on Science -
Knowledge and Responsibility,
*[A5] Paperback - 145 pages,
Edited by Ali Unal,
Published by The Light Co. Turkey.

Description :

Aiming to unveil the revelation that Islam is a religion that encourages and supports scientific research, this collection of essays by Muslim scholars focuses on the importance of the universe in Islamic tradition.

The contributors offer extensive historical and doctrinal evidence that reveals the harmony between Islam and positive sciences.

Ali Ünal is a renowned scholar and a prolific translator of works with an Islamic theme into English. He has written for many periodicals and is a columnist for Zaman daily newspaper. His published books include Living in the Shade of Islam, Islamic Perspectives on Science, Islam Addresses Contemporary Issues, The Resurrection and the Afterlife, and The Qur’an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English.

Table of Contents :


Islam and Science : An Overview,
---Stating the Problem,
---Identifying the issue,
---Science is no stranger to the Muslim world,
---Muslim scientists in history,
---The Science & Religion conflict: Reality or myth?
---Science in the Qur'an,
---Muslims and problems posed by modern science,
---The viability of an Islamic science,
---A possible meeting point,
---Additional sources.

Science and Religion,
---The Civilisation that Islam Created,
---Science and the modern scientific approach,
---Conflict between Religion and Science,
---Does the Qur'an contain everything?
---The concept of science and technology,
---Two different fields for science and religion?
---Cartesian Dualism,
---Nature displays Divine Unity,
---What does the command Read! Signify?
---Does the Qur'an allude to scientific developments?
---Why we refer to science and scientific facts,

Causality and the Quranic Worldview,

What a Falling Stone Means,

The Universe in the Light of Modern Physics,

Religion and Science : Shared Responsibilities,
---The Goal of Science,
---Science without religion, religion without science,
---Science and exploitation,
---The Islamic approach to science,
---''Believe in order to understand,''
---A mentality of domination,
---A united field theory,

Worldwide Corruption by Scientific Materialism,

Mathematics is real : Why and How?
---The language of Numbers,
---What flowers reveal!


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Also see Dawah,
Also see Science.

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