The Country of the Moors

The Country of the Moors : New,
'A Journey from Tripoli in Barbary
to the City of Kairwan
[-A5] Paperback - 334 pages,
by Edward Rae,
Published by Garnet Publishing.

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Description :

First published in 1877, this book recounts the author’s travels from Tripoli in present-day Libya to the city of Kairouan in modern Tunisia. The author gives detailed descriptions of Tripoli, the plague, the Gulf of Syrte, Tunis, Sfax and the island of Djerba.

There is also a chapter on Tripoli’s Jewish quarter and its inhabitants. Of particular interest, however, is Rae’s daring visit to the holy city of Kairouan (Kairwan). Rae was one of the earliest non-Muslims to visit and offers a stirring account of his reception and a detailed description of the city and its main buildings.


Review :
An outsider looking in offers a good deal of insight. "The Country of the Moors: A Journey From Tripoli in Barbaray to the City of Kairwan" is the work of Edward Rae who in the later nineteenth century traveled through northern Africa and learned much about the Moors, the dominant culture of Islam throughout the region, even visiting holy cities previously forbidden to non-Muslims. A fascinating read of historical travel with plenty to ponder, "The Country of the Moors" is a choice pick and a solid addition to any history collection.

About the Author :
Edward Rae (1847 1923) was a renowned explorer who, in addition to this book on North Africa, also wrote several books on his travels to Lapland and the Arctic. He is credited with introducing cricket to Lapland!




Table of Contents :

---A Note on the Production,

Chapter I
---The Junon,
---Sail for Malta,
---Sail for Tripoli,
---The Circe,

Chapter II
---The Tripolis,
---Its Origin and History,
---The Romans,
---Knights of Jerusalem,
---The Beys.

Chapter III
---Trablus Gharb,
---The City,
---Leo Africanus,
---Prepare for Journey to Lebda,
---Annibale and Giovanni.

Chapter IV
---Set out from Tripoli,
---Among the Palms,
---The Dellou,
---The Desert,
---Ras al Hamra,
---We reach Djefara,
---The Kaid,
---The Plagues of Barbary,
---A Rencontre,
---Sidi Abd el Atti,
---Syrian Landscape,
---Country of the Bedouins,

Chapter V
---Received at the Castle,
---The Kaid,
---Our Quarters,
---Ride to Lebda,
---Wadi Lebda,
---Group of Ruins,
---The Evil Eye,
---Triple Arch,
---Its Origin and History,
---A Legend of Leptis,
---The Gulf of Syrtis Major.

Chapter VI
---Return to Homs,
---A Deputation,
---The Kaid's Hospitality,
---Copper Coins,
---The Dead City,
---Start for Tripoli,
---Wearisome Journey,
---The Gharian,
---A Wedding,
---Djefara in the Twilight,
---The Owl-slayer,
---Continue Journey,
---Great Heat,
---The Mecca Caravan,
---A Bargain,
---The Hermitage,
---Frederick Warrington,
---The Times of the Boys,
---The Harbour,
---Mussulman Fanaticism,
---The Bazaars.

Chapter VII
---The Pasha's Gardens,
---John Leo on the Naturall Historie of Barbarie,
---Tombs and Coins,
---Giovanni incorruptible,
---The Triumphal Arch of Aurelian,
---Roman Numerals,
---Prayers for Rain,
---Offering to the God of Rain,
---Alteration of Plans,
---Cyrene in Prospect,
---The Cyrenaica.

Chapter VIII
---Evening Ride,
---Esparto Grass,
---Black Families,
---An Ingrate,
---The Allegra,
---Usury, Caravans, and the Slave Trade,
---The Pashalik of Tripoli,
---Fall of the Leaf,
---Arab Home,
---Outer Bazaars,
---Love Charms,
---The Sheikh el Biled.

Chapter IX
---Djemma 'l Basha,
---Djemma 'l Gordji,
---Djemma 'l Sheikh Bel Ain,
---Djemma 'l Sidi Dragut,
---The Crescent City,
---Productions and Misfortunes,
---Voiage of the Iefus,
---The Genowaies.

Chapter X
---The Jews' Quarter,
---The Place of Stoning,
---The Dyers,
---An Austere Sentry,
---Bab el Djedid,
---Jewish Reception,
---The Synagogue,
---The Murderer,
---The Dutch Consul,
---The Black Village,
---In the Palm Groves,
---Orange Garden,
---Essence Distilling,
---Fruit and Blossom,
---The Castle,
---A Roman Lady,
---The Circe,
---The Last of Triploi.

Chapter XI
---Cape Bon,
---Tunny Fishery,
---The City of Verdure,
---Preparations for Kairwan,
---Sketch of Tunis,
---Purchases in the Bazaars,
---Seenes in the City,
---Rose Buds and Orange Blossoms,
---Adopt a Young Moor,
---Braham the Silversmith,
---The Bardo,
---The Great Aqueduct.

Chapter XII
---His Antecedents, Career, Characteristics, & Accomplishments,
---Old Times,
---Stroll through the City,
---The Diamond Market,
---The Mosque of the Olive Tree,
---Departure from Tunis.

Chapter XIII
---Sail for the East Coast,
---The Sahel,
---The Port of Kairwan,
---The Revolution,
---Lepti Purva,
---Ras di Mas,
---The Patriarke of Cairaoan,

Chapter XIV
---The Barbary Coast,
---The Khassir,
---The Flying Camp,
---The Lotos Eaters,
---Skull Pyramid,
---Gulf of Kabes,
---Palus Tritonis.

Chapter XV
---Arrival at Sfax,
---A Mistake,
---A Deaf Mute,
---The Quarters of Sfax,
---A Caravan of Dates,
---The Bazaars,
---Gracefulness of Sfaxins,
---The City of Twelve Thousand Gardens,
---Slave Caravans,
---Street Auction,
---The Great Mosque,
---A Tragedy,
---The Silversmiths,
---Bakkoush at Home,
---An Eccentric Dervish,
---A Modest Marabout,
---Ruins of Lebda.

Chapter XVI
---Embark on Corsica,
---Facts about Sfax,
---Sail for the North,
---Sponges of the Lesser Syrtis,
---The Oulad Azim,
---Sponge Culture and Chicken Manufacture,
---Arab Cemetery,
---Port of Mehdia,
---Turris Hannibalis,
---Relics of El Djem,
---A Moslem Companion,

Chapter XVII
---Of the Great Citie of Cairaoan,
---Conquest of Andalnzia and Castilia,
---Site of Kairwan,
---Dr. Shaw on Kairwan and its Mosque,
---Origin of Name,
---Its Sacredness and Exclusiveness,
---Plans and Preparations,
---A Recommendation,

Chapter XVIII
---Departure from Susa,
---The Sahel,
---A Discovery in Natural History,
---The Great Plain,
---Footprints of Pilgrims,
---The Great Minar,
---The Walls,
---Enter Kairwan,

Chapter XIX
---The Year of the Hejra 1292,
---The Kaid's House,
---Sidi Mohammed el Mourabet,
---A Pervert,
---Supper a l'Arabe,
---Fanatical Mosquito,
---Visit the Kaid,
---The Bazaars,
---Curiosity and Precautions,
---The Tunis Gate,
---A Horse Sale,
---My Bodyguard,
---Progress to Citadel,
---The Walls,
---Rough Usage.

Chapter XX
---The Great Mosque,
---The Khasinah,
---Decaying City,
---Its Former Size,
---The Bazaars,
---The Mosques,
---Tombs of the Saints,
---An Aspiration,
---The Suburbs,
---Djemma 'l Zituna,
---Postern Gate.

Chapter XXI
---Moorish Calendar,
---Chronicles of the City,
---Conquest of Spain,
---Ibn Aghlab,
---The City's Decline.

Chapter XXII
---The Frenchman,
---Ride round Walls,
---A fine Barb,
---The African Mecca,
---The Haj,
---The Kaid's Predecessors,
---The Renegade of Kairwan.

Chapter XXIII
---The Bazaars,
---A Bargain,
---Mosque of the Three Gates,
---Measure the Great Mosque,
---Details of Exterior,
---Sacred Well of Kafayat,
---The Minar,
---The Courtyard,
---The Prayer Chamber,
---Its Interior,
---Columns of the Great Mosque,
---An Intrigue,
---Writing on the Wall.

Chapter XXIV
---Foundation of Kairwan,
---Its Mosque and Kibleh,
---Its Vicissitudes,
---The Last of the Aghlabites,
---The New Mecca.

Chapter XXV
---The Gate of Greengages,
---Measure the City,
---Ruined Bastion,
---Call to Prayer,
---The Citadel,
---A Mob,
---Leylet al Moolid,
---Form of City,
---An Incident,
---Opinion of the Bazaars,
---Prepare to Leave,
---Farewell to the Kaid,
---Last Night in Kairwan.

Chapter XXVI
---Issue from the City,
---Traverse the Plain,
---Camp of Bedouins,
---Interview with Bedouin Ladies,
---Halt under Olive Trees,
---Ruined Tomb,
---The Fondouk of Birloubuita,
---The Dakkhul Promontory,
---The Lead Mountain,
---Gulf of Tunis,
---Hammam 'l Anf,
---Enter Tunis.

Chapter XXVII
---A Hammam,
---A Negotiation,
---Leave Tunis,
---Footsteps of Bruce,
---A Touch of Nature,
---Sad News,
---The Last of Perruquier,
---Cape Carthage,
---The Malta Channel,
---A Swell,
---Antiquarian Museum,
---A Visit from Sards,
---The Colony of Tunis,
---An Incident,





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